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I feel so lost

Hi, So a week or so after my ' Health Anxiety' kicking in.... again, seeing a Doctor who was great and advised me that I'm fine , I'm still feeling strange :(

I still feel lightheaded and of balance, and my stomach still feels wrong.

I know, even when its not at the front of my mind, I'm still adamant its Colon Cancer!

My wife will say there's no blood, not losing weight and you're not in pain, but i try and tell her that my stomach feels tight, BM haven't increased (yet), but they are looser than normal

Also the constant lightheaded and off balance isn't normal

OK, last time i had Anxiety bad, i had stomach issues but never this lightheaded & off Balance sensation.

Could it just be the stress on my stomach? is it my mind focusing in on the head issue?

has anyone else had these issues with Anxiety?

I'm 37 and feel like im wasting my life when i should be enjoying it with my Wife & Kids :(

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anyone? :(


I think thats the physical symptoms of anxiety. Me too i always feel light headed and off balanced. Whenever i standup or walk i feel like i will fall or even faint thats because of our anxiety.. Just try to relax or reduce your stress because it can trigger our anxiety... If you want you can go to your doctor again to have some test. So that youll be okay.


I’ve started having anxiety the last 4 months and it’s crazy how it changes your life, no one seems to understand unless they have it and all the doctors want to do is shove you on medication.

My anxiety is constantly there it just won’t go away

I always feel like I can’t breathe and that I am going to faint.

I get dizzy a-lot and a racing heart.

Hope you start to feel better.


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