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I feel like something constantly wrong with me I need help I feel so lost


Okay we'll I'm 18 I've been having anxiety for about nine months . It seems like everyday theirs something different for me to find that's wrong about me . First I thought I had blood clots in my brain cause I was always dizzy and then I thought it was diabetes. And about a month ago I started feeling dizzy about everyday for no apparent reason . Like sometimes it will occur when I think about it and other times I'm just watching tv and I'll start feeling like that .it makes me feel like something more than anxiety is wrong with me . I feel like this is beating me I need support. I feel like I'm loosing my mind slowly. I feel kind of crazy . And another thing I feel like I can't breath sometimes and that's the worst it really scares me . I went to the doctor and of course they didn't find anything . Idk I need some tips or pointers on how to over come this.


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Oh Sam I really do feel for you. I honestly used to live my life in a constant state of anxiety and all the symptoms you describe are so familiar to me. The dizziness, and difficulty getting your breath, are classic symptoms of anxiety and are so real and intrusive that it's hard to accept they're not signs of some impending physical illness.

But it really is in your power to overcome it. These symptoms, I know, can have a sudden and inexplicable onset............but that's how anxiety attacks work. They hit you out of the blue (regardless of your mood or what you are doing) and immediately throw you into a defensive state.

It's classic 'Fight or Flight' and you are doing neither, otherwise these episodes wouldn't be getting the better of you. I know it feels like a natural response to freeze and go into defensive mode but, trust me, that will further increase the panic and feelings of breathlessness. It goes against everything which feels right, but I used to (whilst shaking & fighting for breath) grab my coat and force myself to walk off down my street and keep walking (briskly) round & round the block 'til I regained control of my breathing.

Your symptoms sound like classic hyperventilation which happens when you're stressed but not even aware of it and causes you to create chemicals which your body needs to rid itself of. And this is where you can take control. It's really difficult at first and feels counter-intuitive but by walking you are forcing yourself to become genuinely breathless which doesn't result in collapse (though that's how it may feel at first) ..........is forces you to fill your lungs with oxygen but, more importantly, that increased level of oxygen will allow your body to return to its natural balance of oxygen & carbon dioxide and bring your adrenalin level down.

Alternatively, there's the breathing into a paper bag method which can artificially convert the oxygen into carbon dioxide, so you can breathe it back in again. But I personally found that the action of walking helped to create the feeling of release which helps greatly in relieving the tension. It might need to be repeated every time you have an unmanageable period of stress but, once you know it's within your control, it should fade sufficiently to be unproblematic.

Good luck & all best wishes, Cat x

Hi Sam

I'm really sorry you feel like this, I can relate. It sometimes feels like there'll never be a point when I just feel ok, not asking for great or wonderful just OK would do. I've experienced dizziness and fainting sometimes when it gets bad, also the feeling of not being able to breath. Like I can't get the air down into my lungs, it gets stuck.

My anxiety had a lot to do with the dizziness and breathlessness but it was also partly due to me being anaemic. Please go back to your doctors and make them give you a blood test. full blood count will be able to tell you if you're anaemic (low iron levels in your blood) By the time I finally got my blood work done there was no iron in my blood what so ever. The sooner you can have the test the sooner you'll know if there's a problem.

It may be unrelated but the symptoms seems to be similar to mine. Do you find you're quiet pale? Don't have a lot of energy?

I may be completely wrong and off track but I hope that some of this helps and you start feeling better soon.

I have this a lot, you will get a lot off dizziness. Just think to your self if it was a blood clot it would of been a lot worse. I mean dizziness can mean a lot of things. Like not drinking a enough water or not eating enough. Or you could of had a growth spurt and it takes a long time for your heart to catch upto to your body (NOTHING SERIOUS). Trust me if you have been diagnosed with anxiety it's just anxiety nothing else. Just anxiety. I've bet it without a therapists so you can! If you feeling anxious about your health talk to me or post a question. I've had all the symptoms. This really helped me, "can't spend all your all life worrying it's not worth it". I've hoped I have helped. And don't search anything on GOOGLE! Because it will come up with the worst thing you could imagine. Search on here and it will make you feel better. If your worried about a symptom. Believe or not I thought I had a blood clot in my brain. This will pass trust me. I'm always here!

murat2424 in reply to Compo69

I dont no what mine is i keep thinking i have something wrong with me .it really scarys me. I get dizzy and then i check my pluse and then i get more dizzy and then i think im going to have a heart attack i keep thinking it good be blocked arteries or some other condition.i have been to check ups but i still dont feel right all tests and blood results come back normal.

PeachTiger in reply to murat2424

I do all of those things too :(

Hypocondtiac in reply to Compo69

This post makes me feel better. After my dad died from cancer because he smoked and drank all his life every ache and pain I get i think its cancer. Right now I have lower back and side pain and I feel like I have every type of cancer you can think of. I went to a doctor and they told me i was fine but I still can't stop thinking I'm sick...

MB1989 in reply to Compo69

Hi Compo..

You said that you have had all the symptoms.. Did you have brain fog like it is hard to think ? Or even speak sometimes ? When this happens to me, i kind of loose totally my short-term memory, and than when i come home and relax for some time, than it returns and i dont have the tight feeling in my head like something is wrong. Looking forward to hear your response.

Best regards


MrRadams in reply to MB1989

Hi there, this is exactly how i feel and have done since i got hit in the back of the head during a night out in February. How are you coping now?

MB1989 in reply to MrRadams

So you go A sort of an injury in the back of your head? Well i try to deal with it as best as i can but sometimes its just annoying and hard to feel this way.

MrRadams in reply to MB1989

yeah, the doctors say its not a physical injury but more anxiety, but I havent been properly analysed by any doctors really. All I know is since I got hit I feel exactly like you described.. sometimes as if I'm in a dream, like I'm deatched from reality? Do you ever get that?

MB1989 in reply to MrRadams

Okay.. But why havent you got analyzed by your doctors properly?

Yeah the deatached feeling is annoying and scary but the most annoying and scary thing is When my mind goes blank and i feel like i cant even speak or find words.

Ayanna in reply to MrRadams

I can totally relate, this all started within the last 3 months for me. Before this I would never think I couldn’t control my own mind but I constantly feel like A heightened sense of reality or I get this tighteness feeling around my head when I start to get anxious. It really sucks

So bad and I feel like I’m losing control

Musa_khan in reply to Compo69

I used to be anxious a lot about 2 years ago like suddenly feeling very uncomfortable trapped inside some sort of an invisible layer on me but I somehow managed to get out of it but now again am feeling very anxious and the main reason is breathing as I think about my breathing am not able to breathe properly am scared of stairs running I want to work out in gym but scared of running on treadmill I know all this is mind games but to control my anxiety

No one has never gone crazy from anxiety! It actually makes you aware of things!

I totally get this.. like everyday for the last few weeks. Anxiety makes you feel like you have a physical illness. I've been thinking I had low sugar levels and all sorts of things now trying to diagnos myself.. It's rough. You are not alone and it's a one day at a time journey.

Hey Sam, I'm also 18 and suffer real bad with anxiety.. It's shocking to no that what you are saying is exactly how I feel. If I have any headache I automatically think it's a brain tumour.. It's just like I always think dramatically. no matter what I do it's always constantly there on my mind:( it's awful!

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