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Visual Auras?

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Hey guys. So I keep having these weird visual auras. In my left eye only, I will be doing something strenuous or even just doing homework and I’ll blink and there will be this spot in my vision. Its kinda see through, it looks like when you drip water on a phone screen and in the droplet it looks all colorful and jazz, I see that when this happens but it only happens when I blink. I only see it when I blink and as soon as I blink it goes away completely. But the next time I blink it comes back. It’s very weird. I went to the eye doctor about this and she said everything was fine with my eyes, no deterioration or signs of brain tumors or anything. The eye was completely fine. I will say however that I do have a bit of jaw clicking. Like my jaw will click and I get headaches and I have a retainer that I wear at night so I won’t grind my teeth which helps with the TMJ headaches. So I guess my question is, could this all just be TMJ? I have anxiety so I tend to grind my teeth a lot and my doctor (I found this out when I was 17 and I’m 18 now) said it was TMJ since I have all of the other symptoms (Headaches, ear aches, weird ear stuff, and grinding of my teeth) so I’m guessing it is just the TMJ. After this spot goes away I get a headache that starts from my jaw with the clicking all the way up to my temples on either side but mostly my left side.

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Hi plushiesaremyjam, It does sound like your TMJ is contributing to what you are seeing as well as the headaches. Because you tend to get a headache (on one side) when the spot goes away, it may be some form of a migraine type headache. A neurologist is the best doctor to diagnosis headaches. At least you would know for sure that is prompting those symptoms.

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