Head pressure when feet are flat on floor

Hey everyone. Wanted to ask about this weird symptom. Every time I stand straight in a few seconds it feels like I am swaying and getting dizzier. It’s not there while walking only while standing on one spot. Also when the feet touch floor while walking I feel the moving as if it’s being felt in my brain with each step. I can’t describe it better I’m sorry. Any thoughts?? Oh one thing to mention is I feel it is worse when I have a lot of muscle tension in jaw neck and back.


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  • so sorry youre going through this, I have had constant muscle tension in arms, back shoulders neck for weeks now and I know exactly what you are talking about, Feels like my top half is so much heavier then my bottom and i'm just going to topple over. I go for a massage next week and praying it helps some.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. Exactly! Like the head weighs in tons!! Sometimes I have this constant urge to support my head or it’ll not be able to hold itself. I hope the massage helps with your muscle tension. Good luck 😊

  • Yes I also feel like my head is gonna roll off cause its to heavy, but its all tension and tight muscles, even as we speak my arms feel so heavy like their gonna fall off as well lol. im a mess.

  • Oh that must be tough. I usually get limp limbs. Like I got no strength in them. I can function with almost all symptoms and sensations but dizziness and head pressure makes me feel so helpless. 😔

  • ya I carry all my tension in neck shoulders arms, and my hands will shake here and there, I even showed my counselor this morning and she said I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and shes right..

  • Have you tried progressive muscle relaxation? I tried it back when muscle tension wasn’t so severe and it did help. Now I get scared of trying it fearing my muscle tension increase will only make dizziness worse.

  • is that when you lay down and tighten each muscle one by one, if so i did and the next night ended with charlie horses in both my calves lol think i did it wrong.

  • Oh dear! 😬 yes that same one. I’ve read it helps ease tension. Also hot compression. I sit in warm water and that seems to help a bit as well.

  • i've tried the tub with epsom salt, but im a little tall long legs and so not comforable in my tub lol I need a hot tub or something

  • Since it’s in your upper back you can try sitting under running warm water.

  • I'm with you all on this one too. I carry all my tension in my neck, head and shoulders area. They feel so tight some days they burn. I get this tightness, heaviness in my head and throat area. I just hate it. Then it will subside I think YES! Then it comes back :( Scary when I'm at work feeling this and not in the comfort of my home.

  • I’m sorry to hear that Jane137. I had a very scary episode myself today when I was at the shop a while back. The sudden wave of unsteady feeling made me lose all the colour in face that the shop assistant got concerned and I had to sit down. I’ve felt when the soles of my shoes are bit bouncy it gets worse.

  • Yes, and then when it happens to me I'm walking but feels as if it's taking much effort. Almost a stiff, slow motion feeling. I pray all this passes for all of us. Anxiety is such a monster that effects so many parts of the body.

  • I agree. I get a floating like feeling sometimes. And also swaying. I always anxiety is like a multi-headed monster. Barely we tackle with one that another one pops up.

  • I agree. Stay Strong and we can all beat this together:)

  • Hi! What you have described is exactly what I experience and find it so hard to explain! You're definitely not alone! I get this on a daily basis and I can never identify where the dizziness exactly is either in my head/neck/jaw/back of eyes...it's so hard to try and pinpoint! Hope you're doing ok x

  • I’m sorry you’re facing it too. It aggravates when I rest my head on a bed rest of window etc. Hope it gets better for you.

  • Yes I can kinda relate when I'm standing sometimes it feels like im leaning over and about to just drope. My head is the most sensitive because it will hurt first before the anxiety start to come. all I can tell you is to don't think about it, and just look at your surroundings and know it's not gonna happen and I guarantee it will not happen .

  • Thank you that’s good advice.

  • Hi,

    I get this I have had twice this morning already :)

  • I’m sorry to hear it Janey1983. Please share how you deal with it. I woke up with severe head pressure. But it’s slightly better right now.

  • I just try & forget it happened. I have had it for so long and so many times now I just tell myself its anxiety.

  • If only I was that strong. 😔

  • Don't get me wrong Mimij I have other symptoms that my brain can't cope with and I struggle to accept its anxiety. It's just the dizziness I have had for so long I can kind of accept it. I hope you are feeling better soon. :)

  • No off course not. Thanks so much. 😊

  • Hi, I could be wrong ✌️, I'm probably wrong but I've studied & read a hell of a lot about the human body through experiences of others & myself, your neck problems sound exactly like Dystonia which is easily treated with medication &/or Injection, either Dystonia or some form of Anxiety and a serious lack of vitamins. As for your head feeling dizzy whilst standing, either a Thyroid problem/low or High Blood Pressure & again a serious lack of vitamins. Some good Vitamins would be Acai Berry loaded with your Vitamin B's, Biotin again vitamin b's. Magnesium & Cranberry Extract along with Green Tea Extract & feel the difference. Please try it for at least 2-3 months but please, please ask your Doctor/Physician whether it it is safe for you to take these vitamins, pretty sure everything is pointing towards either Anxiety or Dystonia/blood pressure. Hope this helps, I was stuck in bed or on the settee for over eight months in severe pain relating to another problem which tgry have still not fully diagnosed, I have severe nerve damage all down my spine & in my central nervous system, think of severe toothache or worst tooth infection all down the spine from neck to buttocks, around side of stomach. I taught myself a lot to try & gain some relief or normality, as most with this problem either lived their lives on the settee/couch or as I felt like seriously doing one day, just for relief, was to commit suicide I to be knocked over by a can, just to be knocked out, for some relief & if not for my agoraphobia i would not be writing this. I pulled myself around, not doctors, was at hospital 3-4 times per week, Doctors at least 3-4 days per week. It was rediculous,, it was stupid, agonizing severe pain & they couldn't do a thing, no painkillers worked, I got relief not from doctors but from reading post, when I could hold a phone/tablet, not doctors. I found what medication was needed. Read, read, tea. Study your body, read everything. I believe, I truly believe if you do to and take in every detail a doctor states, you'll not only fix your dizzyness when standing & your pain in your neck & jaw but you'll know your body.

    Multivitamins or Vitamin B Complex..

    Acai Berry (amazing)...


    Beta Carotene.

    Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids...

    Cranberry Extact

    Super. Green Tea Extract (just wow, Includes caffeine?)..Extra

    Magnesium, (greatest vitamin I've came across along with Acai Berry)...

    Eat good, real food, ask Doctor about Dystonia.

  • Steve I really appreciate such a detailed reply. I always feel scared to think my symptoms could be of anything other an anxiety. But after reading your response I think I should face the facts that it may be something non anxiety related and yet completely benign. I’m so thankful for all the vitamins and supplements you have suggested. Will definitely ask my doctor about taking them. Thanks so much once again. 😊

  • I have had this for a while since I woke up in March with a really stiff neck that meant for two weeks I had pain and could barely turn my head. It gradually improved but then I had a vertigo attack in May. I'm about to go to ENT clinic about the effects of visual vertigo I've been left with - feeling very odd in supermarkets and busy crowds or traffic. However, I'm also seeing a physio for my neck muscles which are really tight right up to my head. Physio agrees this is causing a lot of the lightheaded, slightly off balance feelings. If I stand or sit still with my head in one position or have to move it from side to side a lot (such as talking to people either side) I need to fidget and move my weight because I start to feel like I'm moving forward or a bit off balance. It's really annoying and comes and goes being worst when my neck is really tight. Even leaning a little forward or standing for a short while makes me feel off and slightly spacey. I've been told it's to do with forward head posture and also sternocleidomastoid muscles - google either and yes it produces these symptoms

    However I've also read a lot about vertigo and dizziness being more prevalent in anxiety. I never used to get anxiety but now this has crept up due to other stress and I think the dizziness, slightly off balance stuff etc just causes more anxiety making it a vicious circle. I hate that people just say it's anxiety when they don't understand these other things make you feel so bad and out of control that they cause anxiety themselves.

  • Ah I know what you mean about the vicious cycle. Mild dizziness followed by panic followed by even more dizziness followed by extreme panic. It gets very hard to break out of at times. And I know what you mean about being restless while sitting and talking to people. My friend pointed it out I bob on my feet’s constantly and I didn’t even realise it. When I noticed I found out I was doing it for adjusting my balance.

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