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Me again

Why can't instead of the goverment looking at building royal navy frigates and destroyers, put all that money/resource in to helping where it's needed like NHS, police, schools, mental health, I hate writing f here, no matter where j am I feel like I'm looked at, judged, or criticised, I can't help being like this I hate depression and mental health I hate the fact one minute I could simply walk away and die and the next minute looking forward to things,

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Nobody else has replied to phil so I'll answer. If you got rid of the RN frigates and destroyers, and I suspect you also mean all other defence spending, and the fat North Korean guy with the strange quiff says he's going to occupy the U.K. so his missiles will reach the U.S. what you gonna do? There'd be a huge increase in the number of people suffering from Anxiety Disorder if that happened and I'm not sure this forum could cope.


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