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Head and neck warm to the touch?

Lately I've been stressed and having mood swings. My left arm shoulder and neck along with shoulder have been tight for awhile and I work at a computer 8 hours a day and barely get up. I have some pressure on my head too. Can this be the muscles being overworked ? I'm prettified and freaking myself out and googling. My bp was up earlier but I know it's from my anxiety as I was at the dentist. I can't stop this fear of pure dread lately either, and my depersonalization is acting up . I stopped my Prozac but started it again this is insane . I have been having a cough and sinuses feel weird so I'm thinking maybe the warm mess can be from that like a sinus infection ? I don't know . I hate this.

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Check your temperature rule that out before saying its anxiety you have a sinus infection than everything is gonna be all sorts of messed up i hope you wear glasses or have your computer settigs adjusted so you dont strain your eyes the head pain could be strain in your eyes from working at a screen 8 hrs a day please ensure you take the appropriate amounts of breaks from the screen


you gave us some good clues to try to help you find solid answers. IF you are open to getting a massage, that is the first place to go to get relief from muscle stiffness and sinus problems. Healing touch works well, ( if you are open to massage) as does a bath with a box of baking soda. When I get really freaked out like you say you were when you wrote this I do not contact Dr. Google. Compassionate care of yourself, like you would give a friend, or someone here, is where I would go first in my mind, going forward. The bigger my freak out, the littler ( is that a word) the problem usually is.


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