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Headaches constant still but now with nasueas

Hello ... i want to tell you that i am having nasueas from past 3 days ... with my same constant headaches ... i am really terrified that if a tumor in the head is doing so or something else .... i am I really worried .... Symptoms







even an mri in cervical spine which was clear

Anyone help

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Have you considered that you might be having bad migraines? I'd very similar symptoms to you, for many years. I was told by gp that I 'couldn't' be having migraines because of no 'aura' prior to onset.

It was only when I took all the symptoms, when at my cousin's home (she's a chronic Migraine sufferer!) ~ that she said to me: "You've got a migraine". I tried 50mg of her Imigran (medication for migraines), under her supervision ~ and three hours later I was feeling 'normal', as opposed to going through hell for 3 days! :)

Might be something you'd wish to discuss with your gp or Consultant/Specialist..? Barbara xx


Hi Aamir147147. I agree with LadyBarb it sounds like a migraine.... I get them too (that & tension headaches). You've been checked out, you have to trust the doctors that it isn't something bad. I get nausea sometimes with mine. Drink plenty of water (lack of water can be a reason). Take it easy, rest in a dark quite room, try am ice pack or warm rag on your forehead to help easy your pain. Sometimes a little bit of cola helps me, especially when I take pain killers (check to make sure doesn't interact with any meds you are on). Sleep & taking it easy really is the best medicine. Hope you feel better soon 💛🌼


Hi Aamir

Firstly I am not a doctor or a psychologist . Just a kindred spirit who has been where you are

I would guess you have depression, and may have had childhood trauma or ptsd. As your symptoms as a whole sound psychosomatic which is very real only it is a reaction of the body trying to protect the mind.

You have all the symptoms of health anxiety.

The stiff sore nexk and shoulders is tension and the headache and nausea are signs of stress and anxiety . And could also be migraine, which again is very common in your circumstances. I have known two poor souls who have had brain tumours. I was very close to one and am still with the other.

In each case the tumours were very different but the onset was the same. A brain tumour tends to show symptoms when it is becoming larger and pressing on vital parts in the brain.

Both had no warning signs as such the friend that passed started talking absolute nonsense followed by a fit.

The other walked into work and just fell unconscious with no warning.

My friend who passed was very unfortunate as he had treatment and an op and was clear at end of it

However, 10 years on he started to drag his leg and on inspection it was discovered that he had a tumour on the original site but a totally different type of cancer . Very unlucky as this is a very rare occurrence.

My friend who is fighting at the moment was told he had the most aggressive kind of tumour so his prognosis was very poor, he was told that he was terminal and his likely life span would be less than three years.

But he fought and at the three years from onset he was well and no sign of cancer left at all, he did have severe nerve pain due to the radio therapy, but no tumour, now three years on he has become ill again.

However, it is thought that while it may be the tumour returned again it also may be scar tissue reacting due to an infection, he has had a scan which is not conclusive, but been treated for the possibility of scar tissue, which has reduced the activity of the brain in this area so hopefully he will be better soon.

When I had the health anxiety I was convinced I had a blood clot, it was at the time that there was a lot in the news about DVT and flight and a dear friend died of a blood clot out of the blue, she was so happy it was Christmas Eve I last saw her and she died Christmas night.

I think that , that's why it was a blood clot and not a brain tumour or cancer anywhere else on the body.

I only found out 17 years later that the episode was connected to childhood abuse in its many forms, it was too hard to admit to myself that someone who was supposed to love me actually didn't and committed so many wrongs. So it came out as health anxiety to keep me safe

Kind of like a pressure cooker, a way to let a little bit out ( steam) to help keep the knowledge hidden away.

However, 17 years later, it became a volcano and it erupted with its full power.

So try and work out in your conscious thought what may be invading your here and now, but from the past

I hope this is of help, but please know , as I said in the beginning I am not a proffesional, I am giving this as my story , which I believe may be yours as well, in some form.

It could be being bullied at school. Loosing someone, or abuses in childhood, these abuses can be varied, here is a list ;

Psychological abuse

Physical abuse,

Emotional abuse

Sexual abuse,


Look after yourself



I have the same thing with the neck and the back ache I feel like I have a big knot in my neck and lately I've been having pressure in my head that feels like somebody squeezing it me like an idiot I stopped my Prozac because I was feeling a lot better and I've been without it for two weeks so I don't know if this is with drawl symptoms but I'm definitely going to go back on it because this is ridiculous but if you find out something that helps your neck please let me know because I would like to find something to

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Sounds like migraine to me.I know because i have those exact symptoms and am a life long migraine and cluster headach sufferer.

Relax having been screened as you have been there is no tumour.


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