Cold sweats ?

K after feeling 100 percent for 4 days well ! Today I bin feeling great yes jus bin overheating all day like cold sweats :D!?? Im in B.C and its the end of summer cold and so I have had the windows open all day had a cold shower it stopped it awhile ago but im cold with a blanket on wile sweating tho what does this meaaan !!:)?

(4th day into no stomach pains and feeling great eating more than a pizza pop a day)


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  • Hi Dylon19 this sounds kinda like I am I have been like this for around 2-3 years had loads of tests not getting anywhere have finally got an app with an Endocrologist in October .I just can't cope no more and no one understands it they all think it's "hot sweats "the change "but it's not im constantly freezing cold with goose pimple yet sweats dripping all over my body my skin is constantly damp like I have been swimming then got dressed fast it's ruining my life because I don't know whats wrong with me it's almost constant now .Sorry I'm no help to you but am following your post in case someone has any ideas I feel it like my central hearing system is all to pot if that makes sense? Hope today is a good day for you and hope you get some answers too .

    Tina X

  • 3 years I cant amagin !!! Everyday what I went threw yesterday was wackk :s last night a few hours after I posted ... I felt so nauseous and I told my friend I dont feel good an somethings wrong and I fainted and was very very confused my arms went supper cold and my chest tightened up and I coudnt talk , but for being so young I was thinking its prolly just anxiety and sure enough I was fine afterlike I was shakein afterwards for about 2 hours but today was a waaaay much better day <3!

  • Hi Dylan 19

    We must have been passing germs here lol after writing this I spent until yesterday in bed (when I could) full of cold raging hot shivering head cold ears and throats so sore felt terrible so drained hopefully I'm on the mend now as I hope you are lots of love just happy my endo app is now only three weeks away hallejulia !! Xx

  • All better now it went away over night :)! Feel great tonight I hate the feeling blah :) much love !!

  • Hi Dylon, sounds like you have a bit of a fever, take paracetamol for your temperature and drink plenty of fluids. Youl be ok Dylon, your doing so well. As always go to docs if your overly concerned but you've probably got a virus for which they will do nothing and tell you what I've just said😏

  • I checked my temperature and it was 36 ° said was normal I guess I wasnt boiling but I felt like it I think it was just a crazy insane anxiety attack because after it caused a big scene I woke up today ok :)! Thank you but I have to ask ! A virus , is that like bad or crazy :o

  • Could have been anxiety without a doubt but don't worry a virus is like having an infection not nice at the time but does clear up and go away xx

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