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Oh another one

Hi everyone. I was doing ok on and off been managing through the anxiety phases when they arise. Right now im having jaw pain i dnt knw if its anxiety that is causing this but its causing me to think the worse i can feel the muscles in my ears relax and also my shoulders are very tense i had quite a weekend full of disappointments so i might have been stressed but the jaw pain has anyone every experience this before? Anyone?

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Hi, my tmj ached a great deal at one time. I didn't realize I was actually clenching my teeth during the day, and that can cause my tmj to ache. Maybe that's what is happening with you. I did have some dental work to help my chronic clenching, but that is rare. I still wear a bite guard at night. I know you're worried, but try to relax your jaw and avoid chewing gum, and see if that helps.


I do sometimes clench my teeth amd sometimes i dont even realise im doing that.

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ActionChaz reports jaw pain four posts before yours so yes it's common, caused by muscular tension.


I clench my jaw alot and for some reason i have really bad attacks in the car every single time im in one, doesnt matter if im driving or not. somehow i always feel better when im chewing gum.i can tell u that ive done some research and requested my pcp send me for 2 different tests one of which i havent got to do yet..ive already been diagnosed with bppv after my dr for yrs kept saying the dizziness was from the attacks and the medicines next im getting checked for tmj..i have been told by the dr who diagnosed me with the bppv that it can cause and/or worsen to find out that so can tmj..both issues are connected and create the same problems..try reading this article i came across, it might be worth checking into if your experiencing other symptoms..


I will check it out. What is bppv?


Its a problem with the inner ear that can cause or mimic some of the same symptoms that come along with anxiety/panic attacks such as headaches, head feeling full, vision changes,dizziness/vertigo. The dr whom i seen for vestibular therapy which is the procedure they do to "empty" the ears from any crystals that may have came loose, he said that because of the ear being directly hardwired to the eyes and brain and the brain sending mixed signals it could be causing anxiety to become worse..also in the article i found they are saying that jaw problems such as tmj is also connected to the ears which hand in hand are playing a role back and forth between the 2 and can also cause attacks to become worse..basicly if you have one theres a good chance you may have both..basicly what im explaining is jaw clenching is connected to both as well, it tightens the jaw and moves the ear at the same time..maybe youll have luck checking into this..i chew gum alot and it seems to help, the tougher the gum the better..try it next time you feel yourself being tense. Google both tmj symptoms and inner ear problems then look up bppv, tmj, and anxiety together..ive done almost every test know beside being checked for the tmj and they say everything is normal besides the bppv so far. Ive already tried so many medications that i cant begin to name them and everything makes me feel worse..why? Because everything they give me causes dizziness that i already had but never noticed because of the effects of the meds and attacks.i really do believe after 8 yrs of trying to figure this out that there has to be a underlying cause because nothing has helped at all..doctors in my area really suck so it seems like i have to come up with my own theory then convince my dr into checking..i wish u the best of luck, let me know how it goes..


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