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I Almost passed out 😢😢

I've been cleaning for most of the day today... cleaned my carpets.. mopped... ironed. Lots of stuff .

Well I was fixing my boys something to eat when my ears started to buzz or ring and then my face went hot. I felt like I almost passed out. So I went to lay down and put my feet up. My ears still feel hot and weird inside.

Idk what caused that. Maybe my blood pressure dropped?

My son has boy scouts later tonight and now I'm scared to go ☹

Has anyone felt like this

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Hi Elizabeth04, Sometimes I get caught up in doing things around the house that I forget to hydrate. It's not until I feel that weird feeling come over me that I realize I haven't had any water all day. Doing all the things that you were today, your body does lose water through sweat even if you don't feel it. Hydrating and having something to eat should balance you once again. There should be no fear in going out later tonight. Don't carry that fear of what happened earlier today affect your evening activities. You will be okay.. xx


Thank you so much for responding.

I don't have have any family or anyone that really listens to me. Your always there, I appreciate that 💜

I going to go ahead and go tonight. I might still be feeling the effects of not taking klonopin as well, nor sure

Hope you have a good night

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Hello :-)

I used to get like you and sometimes it still happens now

For me it could be one or two things that brought this on

I could get so busy I would forget to eat

Low sugar level drop which again can be when you forget to eat or hormones cause it to

It would be dreadful and I would feel I would collapse but never did and it would pass :-)

Hope you feel a lot better than you did and managed to get to Scouts :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks so much. I went on to scouts and felt a little better 😊

Today is a new day, I'm going to try really hard not concentrate on these symptoms today. Maybe that might help ❤ hope you have a great day


So pleased you did not let the fear get in your way and yes yesterday has gone now today is a new day and I hope it is a good one for you :-) x


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