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This weekend started with a visit to the chiropractor friday afternoon. I hadn't seen him in almost a year. We talked about what has been going on with me and this dizzy, doomy, ill feeling and how it's been effecting my body (abdominal and back muscles). We also discussed what I thought could have been a bone deformity in my ribs to find out that everything was okay and I hadn't broken anything. After a few agonizing adjustments he had me out the door. At that point I was just glad I didn't bust open like a pinyata.

The following evening my back hurt WORSE; but, it was because of all the adjustements and some of the tools he used. But, the entire weekend was absolutely normal and I had a great time being my optimistic bouncy fun self. I was back to my normal self gettin shit done at home and doing all the things I liked before I got sick in June.

Now, it's Monday morning and I'm feeling okay Just tired and dizzy. I'm hopping it's just from going to bed late last night and having a few beers yesterday following all the yardwork I got done.

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