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Psychiatrist Didn't Show Up For My Appointment

So I had an emergency appointment booked for 4pm today with my psychiatrist. I turned up and the receptionist said he wasn't in the building, so phoned his mobile to see where he was.

Eventually she managed to get hold of him at 4.45 pm and he had forgotten - he was miles away at another facility.

He apogised profusely and is seeing me tomorrow at 1.00pm instead. He is a great psych., but this is such a let down when I only arranged the appointment with his secretary yesterday.

Sure had added to my anxiety, too - I felt really sick with depersonalisation before my appointment today and now have to go through it all again tomorrow!😦

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Tempestteapot, I know how disappointed and frustrating it is. I'm sure it doesn't happen very often except for emergencies that they are called upon in the ER. I have waited up to 2 1/2 hours in my psych's office even though I had an appointment. I try to think if I were having a crisis how I would want him to spend quality time with me as well.

I know your case was different, but possibly because the appointment was made late yesterday, he probably took a look at his appointment book before you were scheduled.

If you have a good doctor, try cutting him some slack this time. I understand how sick you have been feeling with DP but think positively in that tomorrow is your day. Take a deep breathe, blow out slowly and psyche yourself up for tomorrow. xx Good Luck, we are here for you. No appointment necessary :)


Oh, thank you so much Agora! He's a great psych., so I forgive him.☺

Today was going to be a tough appointment as not sure if I need a respite hospitalization - I guess I'll just wait until tomorrow to discuss. xxxxx


Do what is best for you Tempestteapot. I've had hospitalization at one time, so I do know that a respite is sometimes the only answer. Wish you well with tomorrow's appointment. Let us know what your doctor advises. xxx


I will do, certainly! Thank you so much for your kindness, Agora.☺ xxxxx

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