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anxiety as a teen!!!!

Does anyone have any advice for learning how to love yourself? I struggle with that and I tend to try and get acceptance from guys because I have issues with my own Dad, he’s very abusive to me and I don’t get male affection. And it’s hard because a lot of guys just want to hook up and then I tend to be hard on myself like I’m nothing but an object. I know this is more about relationship type stuff and less anxiety but a lot of this causes my anxiety and I just want to learn to love and accept myself and not let myself get mistreated by guys because of my past. HELP!! I’m 16 :(

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for me it was a big thing of putting myself in situations where I could justify hating myself.

but then I came to the conclusion that I'm me and there's no one else I can be apart from myself and this is important because if you don't accept who you are u will never be happy.

Do the things that make u happy, u haven't had a male figure in your life. That doesn't mean that u need one you came this far on your own.

and hey, if knowing that u are more enough doesn't chear u up, know that there is some chubby Scottish 18 yr old who believes that you can do this, things might not get easier but if u find the right group of friends right will support u wont need to go back to the circle u were in.

I hope my crappy advice helped.


Dannyd, that was great advice for Katlynwestbury1. Coming from another teen makes more of an impact than hearing it from an adult :)


Ok dont worry about guys your 16 i know what its like girls are the least of my concern rn focus on more important things


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