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Hi guys. I'm new on here.. I suffer from very very bad health anxiety. It's taking over my whole life.. I now feel burningpain in my back and legs, my armsister and legs feel weak and I get a lot of twitches in my body. Please share your experience with me.. does anyone else have there symptoms and is this really actually Anxiety. Love to here please reply. Thankyou :((


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  • Yup! I get those too, sometimes hot flashes in my feet or elsewhere. Was told it's stress and anxiety.

  • Hi, I have really bad health anxiety... every time i have pain, it triggers me and i think i'm having some serious medical problem (mainly heart attack, seizure, brain tumor, or stroke). my arms and legs get weak (they are right now) and i get lots of twitches as well. it's been like this every day for a month now ( i have had anxiety my whole life but it only recently got really bad) and it has effected my social life, my schooling, and my job. i just tell myself that if something serious was going to happen, it would've already happened. you are definitely experiencing anxiety.

  • Hi thanks for your support. I'm worried sick about all these physical you get alot of twiches??

  • if it would make you feel better, you can go to the doctor and they will tell you it's just anxiety and stress. i went three times and everytime they say that i'm fine. i do get a lot of twitches, especially if i am under a lot of stress or am having a panic attack :(

  • Thank you. Iveven been to doctors many times they keep saying it's Anxiety. I can't see how anxiety can cause all these physical symptoms. I'm in pain everyday feel drained and weak. Just don't know what to do. As it's affecting my work ect too.... 😩

  • Anxiety just works like that I guess. My doctor told me anxiety presents itself as your biggest fears. I feel drained and weak too and it's affected my schooling as well. I finally couldn't take it anymore and had to go to the doctor and have them prescribe me prozac. i used to be on it, but came off of it, and now I've restarted it. Also, a very VERY good supplement for anxiety is this thing called Trancor. You get it on amazon, and it's by the company Metagenics. It helps me tremendously, and if you read the reviews, it helps tons of other people as well (I believe a lady's seizures stopped when she started taking the trancor). i still have panic attacks when I take it, but not as awful or as long. I'll only get a few a week oppose to a few a day. I recommend that. hope you feel better!

  • Hi yes my work schooling has been massively affected. Can't wait to feel normal again. I will search for it on amazon. Thank you soo much. Hope it helps me too.xx

  • I completely understand what you mean, it's so reassuring knowing I'm not the only person experiencing these things

  • I have all of them symptoms, my main one is my chest it's sore as we speak I get chest pains shortness of breath. My back always hurts on a daily basis neck pain arm pains muscle twitches aches & pains horrible fatigue & I'm only 35 I feel like I'm 75. 😔

  • Hiiii same.. my back legs and arms constantly hurt.. I get pins and needles feel weak always. Hatel this feelin. Ivery beenot doctors many times now. All say ANXIETY.. life seems miserable with it... have you been doctorsent? ?

  • I get this too, I will get random pains and worry about them so much that they get worse such a headache. I convinced myself I had a brain tumour and looked up the symptoms, I then started experiencing these making the situation even worse

  • Google makes us feel worse. Mine all started with feeling dizzy and now all these pains and twitches. I keep thinking I've got something serious I can't keep off google.. which is giving me even more symptoms. How can the brain do all this to the body.. really stressed :*(

  • I'm so happy to hear others with the same issues. I was actually getting on here to post something similar.

    I've had the aches and pains, and particularly the weakness, for months now. The twitches too. My eye, my hand, my foot, all twitch intermittently. I'm also incredibly clumsy, and writing anything almost feels foreign.

    After feeling this way for over 8 months I've come to two conclusions.

    1) I have the disease I've googled and it's slowly killing me. There's nothing I can do about it and I'm going to lose my family. It's a bad beat, but nothing can be done.


    2) I started out with shortness of breath. That's where my health anxiety began. Now, over a year later, I've landed here with weakness and twitching. Why? Because I have been constantly stressed out and worried about my health for over a year. My body is taxed and over-worked with cortisol and adrenaline. I'm just plain exhausted and my body/mind is begging for a break.

    I'm in therapy now and I go to the doctor for an SSRI (zoloft) prescription in two days. I'm hoping the meds, combined with therapy and mindfulness work will help me.

    It's so silly to run around for as long as I have worrying about a disease that I have a 99.9999 chance of not having. But, that's anxiety for you.

  • Hi I'm the same I worry 24/7 about my health.. I've stared to feel shaky and really weak.. how long have you felt like this???:(

  • About 8 months or so

  • I'm convinced I also have some kind of cancer & it's killing me. I've been to the doctor they all say the same thing anxiety. I just need to get one more test done for my own mind and if that comes back clear I may have to get on some form of medication. I can't go on feeling like this for the rest of my life I refuse to.

  • Anxiety can do many things... what are you symptoms?

  • What is the one last test?

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