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Hola beautiful warriors!!

A lot of us have done various research on Anxiety and a cure. I've read articles, books, and watched videos on the ability to accept the Anxiety, however, what I am learning as I am trying to accept anxiety in my life is the difference between "accepting anxiety" and "accepting anxiety without fear." For me, I accept that I have anxiety... but... my anxiety isn't going away! And now, I understand that it is a process, it's not going to POOF! And disappear. What I am also learning is that true acceptance means we have to let go of the fear factor first, it is then that we can work on truly accepting anxiety and the road to the recover will soon follow.

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We spend a long time giving ourselves anxiety disorder so why should we expect it to be cured overnight? Acceptance means surrendering to anxiety, refusing to fight it. Fighting only causes more tension, our nervous systems have had enough of that. You recover from anxiety by accepting it for the time being, accepting the symptoms and the bad feelings and getting on with your life. Say "So what? I'm feeling lousy, my chest is tight, my hands are shaking but who cares? I'm off to the shops/to school/to work, why not?"

Try accepting calmly and with the minimum of fear but even glimpsing acceptance for a few minutes is a start. You can build on that. Anxiety is never conquored by staying in bed or remaining at home. Recovery is won in your anxiety zones not your comfort zone.

Anxiety picks on you spoiling for a fight. When you refuse to fight it has no further interest in you and leaves you alone. Fighting back is our natural response, acceptance doesn't come as second nature to us. It is hard and takes time. Worthwhile things are not easily won.

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Well said Jeff1943. This is new to me, this is a process to me, this a struggle for me. But what I am proud of is that no matter how sh*tty I feel- I do let it stop me from living. I understand that I have to be "uncomfortable" to truly grow to be my best self. Thank you for your words of wisdom- always❤️


So true Lalakeyss, accepting that it is anxiety but still being afraid of it is almost contradictory. When I feel just a glitch of something about to come on, within a second I can make it disappear by not being afraid and not giving in to it. It's nice driving on that road to recovery. The road gets smoother every day. Go Forward and Believe it will happen xx

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Well written. I finally caved to low dose lexapro so that I can face these demons head on. With it I can do what I use to do and retrain my brain then stop the Med. I have done this once years ago successfully until life got incredibly hectic. I look forward to taking control. I am now learning what I was feeling was not me dying but rather symptoms of my anxiety. It's hard to imagine our brain is that powerful!!!


I have to say I'd been trying more natural and holistic methods than I'd care to list for 9 months. It has gotten to the point where my back locks up so tight I've formed hundreds of trigger points (per my massage and physical therapist) and could hardly function at work or home from pain.


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