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Does anybody else get extremely over stimulated around sounds/noises? I was with some friends, they were talking while having a lulaby playing in the background trying to get my friends child to fall asleep, so nothing was super loud. I had a mild panic attack and had to ask for the music to be shut off and I still had to go sit in another room where it was quiet and dark. One of the friends has been really supportive and told me if it ever happens at her house to go to these places and she will know what's going on. She also made me what she calls a "Zen Kit". It's a basket full of calming things.

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Yeah any loud noise startles me and makes me jump and makes me anxious. Don’t like any loud noises or sounds.


Hi first of all, you must be so happy you have a great friend who understands and cares about what you're dealing with! I have this problem too. I get panicky if too much is going on all at once and if for example someone puts the tv or radio on really loud while we're already talking or doing something else. I feel better just concentrating on one thing at a time or I get uncomfortable and anxious. This world of today is too fast paced for me sometimes. For me it's when I'm already feeling tired and just need quiet time. I wonder if it's also a bit of a control issue for us?


I swear I feel my ear drum jump! I'm very effected and by bright lights.


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