Anxiety and background noise

I was wondering if anyone had had anxiety where the background noise or any noise is grating on your nerves. You feel you want to withdraw to somewhere much quieter. It is really frustrating how do you correct this do you keep going through it all the time or rest up? The GP says it is anxiety but won't give any medication to help you they say it is too addictive. So do you just suffer in silence waiting for talking therapies that have a six week waiting list? Any body hot any answers please.


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5 Replies

  • Yes yes yes!! This exact problem is driving me insane!! Its become sensitive to a level that ts already effecting my home life. And creates tensions and frustrations amoung each of us often. ;/

  • Yes it is very difficult to handle isn't it? What caused yours mine is an overload of stress my father went to heaven last year and my mother has vascular dementia. Has your GP helped you at all? They seem very unsympathetic nowadays really cruel at times no sleeping tablets either.

  • It was 5 years ago when i nearly had a breakdown and my mum forced me to seek help. My doctor was ok he prescribed me pills which was the beginning of my journey of understanding myself. It was then that i unwittingly stumbled across learning a spiritual way of life. I learned to change my view of the world and society, which was the main reason i was able to get better along with the pills. I was great for a few years... then last year was a tough year, alot of challenges in various areas. From an outsiders point of view it may have seemed quite easy in comparison to in the 10 years prior to my first pithole. Where i lost both my grandparents who were like my mum and dad. Then i went on to lose my son shortly after he was born and then my father to motor nurons disease. Nether the less my challenges last year along with losing my spiritual path a little because i wasn't making the time to practice what i preached in the bigger picture because i has so much going on....... forced me to the point of. 'Oh no im here again' only this time i knew i was ill and i knew i could help myself rather than feeling lost helpless and alone. It all takes time.. and in respose to your question if what i believe caused mine. My answer LIFE.

  • Oh! No wonder you have anxiety problems that is a catalogue of difficult experiences. How did you cope with all that grief? Are you a Christian I was interested in what you said I am a Christian and God has helped me a great deal. I put on 5 stone through an abusive situation with depression and anxiety. I was told by my GP this morning that buspirone and diazepam are addictive but they do help you function better?

  • Yes ', I am very sesative to sound. Mine is noise level, talk radio and music I do not like.

    You need meds. i take busparine(everyday), an anti depressent which helps anxiety and clonapin as needed. I am not addicted and cannot imagine life without them. Unless you have previous addiction problems find another dr

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