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Snipping noises in my head from Seroxat withdrawal

The noises are driving me mad. I need to experiment with a spell off it to see once and for all whether my excessive sweating is a side effect from it (suggested as a possibility by my GP) or whether it is in fact menopausal. My GP suggested trying a month without and although the sweating appears a bit less, the noises in my head are driving me mad, so I seem to have swapped one set of problems for another! It sounds like when someone cuts your hair or the only other way I can describe it is like crickets or grasshoppers...anyone else had this? I have been on a low dose of Seroxat for years but last time the noises got bad I had to take 5 mg of Seroxat to stop the worked but then the sweating increased. I'm going to try and stick at the withdrawal just to make sure I can say it is the Seroxat and not menopausal, although it's very difficult to ascertain for sure.

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If you have been taking these meds a while and then just stopped them then chances are as you say you are going to have to go through some withdrawals , even though it sounds really unpleasant and I hope it soon passes

I was wondering as you feel this sweating could be the menopause as I am going through that and the sweating nearly drives me mad but there is a blood test that can detect what you hormones are doing and what levels they are at which will tell if you are starting the menopause and rather than this drastic action I am wondering if you have had this test done and if not it could be an idea to ask for it and maybe you could stay on the meds for now until you got those results and then take it from there but which ever way you go I hope you get the answers you need , sometimes we just need to know and even though it does not always take the symptoms away it helps us to cope knowing what we are dealing with

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x


Thanks Bounce. Yes, even without taking the blood test I know that I am almost through the menopause because my last two periods have been well 'shows' and months apart. So I would expect my hormones to be chaotic. I guess it's so hard knowing how much is hormonal and how much is AD side-effects and even Fibro. Another problem too is that if it is hormones rather than the ADs then I am between a rock and a hard place because I won't take HRT in any form if I can at all help it, having had severe anxiety in my life and terrible anxiety and blood pressure when on the pill years ago. So if it is the ADs then coming off them will help the sweats but not the anxiety or the noises in my head for a while! I do empathise with your sweating problem. It drives me mad too. It is very debilitating having to keep changing your clothes. I am down to three times a day which is better than the 8 or 9 that was happening a few weeks ago when they changed me to a different AD!! Also, having Fibromyalgia means that when I sweat I dont feel hot...I just feel cold and damp :(

Best wishes




I get Fibro to , I cannot take HRT , so I know how you feel , in fact as I am replying I am red hot feels like I am burning up and I suffer with a lot of sinus infections and never sure if it is my hormones causing me to over heat or the menopause and I understand as well feeling you need to change all the time , in fact I can come out the shower and before I am dry feel I need to go back in again ...the other thing is even in the Winter when it is cold I sleep with a fan blowing straight on me and all the bedroom windows open , I know it is like a fridge in the bedroom but without I would never get any sleep ! Then I worry how this will be doing me harm as I know it is to cold and will not help the Fibro but I just try not to think about it to much and whatever I have to do for now I just do it

I did read a while back that even when you have gone through the menopause you can still suffer with the hot flushes , I thought O nooo but fingers crossed as that is the thing I hang on to once I am through this I won't have to go through walking round red hot no matter what the season !

People sometimes even say they can feel the heat coming of me when they are stood near me , I think how do you think I feel then :-D

I have gone on a little here but I hope you get this sorted somehow and let us know how you get on :-) x

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Thanks Lulu. Did you change your name because it said Bounce before? Hope I'm not replying to the wrong person! Sorry to hear about your sweats :( A lot of people feel hot with them but I just don't. I am too cold all the time..too cold to have a shower...I want the heating on all the time!! So although I sweat I am not hot. I just feel cold and damp when I sweat. It is a Fibro thing to feel cold all the time as our body thermostats are broken. Sometimes it's the thyroid but I've had that checked out and doesn't seem to be that. Ho hum.

Best wishes x


Yes I have :-D

O I seem to be the opposite even though I have noticed the last few months I am going through freeing moments ....mother nature has a lot to answer for ! :-) x


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