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Head feels tight with dizzyness please anyone there to put my mind at ease

Hi all not been on this for a while I woke up this morning was ok at first then I felt my head go really tight felt dizzy with it and my neck is sore aswell I do suffer with anxiety but today am worrying like mad it's horrible please anyone to chat to I have had bloods ecg everything and the doctors just keep saying it's anxiety but i just can't put my mind to it I keep worrying something is gonna happen or it's something bad please help

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Hi Saz12345, I guess I hadn't scrolled down far enough. Just saw your post now. Here you aren't feeling well and yet responded to comfort another. That's what this forum is all about, caring...

I can relay to what you are feeling personally. This feeling is probably the most disturbing in that it happens quite often. It's due to the unbelievably tight muscles in the neck which extends down into the shoulders and upper back. When these muscles clamp down, they make the whole head feel tight as if it were wrapped in a tight band. It is anxiety and nothing more.

It produces dizziness for several reasons. You need to relax those muscles starting with your neck, you need to hydrate, water is so essential in feeling more clear headed and you need to change your train of thought as to this being something dire.

This is what I do when this happens. I'm familiar enough with the sensation so there is no fear however, I get a big towel or blanket, throw it in the dryer until it's cozy hot so you can wrap that around your shoulders, get a big glass/bottle of water and start hydrating and last tune into YouTube. Type in Audio 5-10 min meditation/deep breathing. Really watch and listen to what is being said as you sip on water, have the hot towel/blanket around your shoulders and breathe.

I can almost guarantee that within that short time, your head will feel more relaxed, your dizziness will go away or at the least get better. Repeat if necessary. Keep that calm with you. It's all about allowing yourself to take that escape for a while and leaving the stress behind. Feel better x


Thankyou so much for this I still have it my head feels choker like I can't think or anything I hate it so much keep panicking saying why me x

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Don't give up Saz12345, I've had that choker like feeling as well. Once you are able to stop the panicking, it will loosen up and relax. Feel better soon. Breathe..x

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Thabkyou my head just Dosent feel my own want to just take it off give it a shake and back on again lol but dizzyness with it not helping maybe a head cold or ears making it worse thabkyou x

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