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It was hard to fall asleep tonight I've maybe had an hour of sleep and I woke up kind of hot feeling and then I started to shake.

I'm not feeling well I don't know if it's anxiety or if it's just me. Please help I want to feel better I made some tea just know. I don't know if I'm feeling kind of nauseous because of the anxiety or for some other reason

I think I'm having a panic attack because I won't stop shaking it's now 3 in the morning

Please help, tell me I'm not alone right now

Any advice would be great

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Your not alone, just ride it out I get it when I can’t stop shaking or cold shivers during the night and just tell myself it’s only a panic attack and stay positive and it will pass.


Hi you never alone on here ... I checked in here for support when I had a wobbler a week ago, during the night. It does sound like Anxiety tbh. I felt sick and hot and struggle dropping off to sleep lately. I tend to listen to utube sites, where there are nature music and sounds. It helps me. I listen to 'rain and wind sounds to help with sleep problems" .... it helps knowing I'm warm and safe inside. Good luck x


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