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Living with constant headaches ..please help

Hello .. i am 21 years old male and i have been suffering from headaches which are constant and were mostly severe when they started at first .... but after a month they were moderate but constant ...... i then had a cat scan which they said was normal ..... i took many medicines for it like ibuprofen anti depressants and many more but nothing is stopping them .... But from past ten days i have experienced that i dont have headache in the morning and they start during the day goes on ..... and are usually on the back of head ..... please help me ....

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Look into your diet (what you eat and what you drink) do you drink PLENTY OF WATER? Water was the cure to ALL MY HEAD PAINS literally i used to not drink water and would have random head pains moderate to severe ones and once i started hydrating better and cutting out soda for good i was way better

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