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Hello beautiful people!!

So guess whos back with depersonalization and derealization? Yup. Only this time its worse. Now it feels like nothing is real and that our entire life is a joke and a lie. Like everything just doesnt make sense and nothing matters. In a way its true and not true. Never been a religious type of person to believe in an after life so that gives me a scare. Anyhoo, i know thats my depression talking. I hope it goes away

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I know exactly! I've experienced the same feelings. The fact that you were better shows that your body knows how to reset, and will again. I copied a reply I sent to a member who was questioning the afterlife & eternity. It might help you as well...

You might want to read books on the subject written by people who have studied what the Bible teaches about the afterlife. Since I was afraid of death and I thought I was dying so many times during panic attacks, I figured I'd look into it. I read 'Heaven' by Randy Alcorn, 'Afterlife' by Hank Hanegraf, he's a super brilliant author aka "The Bible Answer-man", 2 books by cardiologist Chauncey Crandall, who has seen people die many times, and a couple of books by people who had died and came back. One was Don Piper's 'Heaven is Real' and I can't remember the other, but a doctor who died and came back just wrote a book, '7 Messages From Heaven,'.... and i can honestly say I am no longer afraid of death. The books helped a lot! Also, Jesus who has been there, said it was better than anything here, so we can look forward to it. I really think it's your anxiety causing you to fear eternity. I used to too, bad, like felt like pulling my hair out when I thought about it. But, time is different there & I don't think we will feel lost in the idea of eternity once we're there. Just try to trust the loving One who made you. That said, I'm definitely not looking forward to the often painful process of dying or leaving the people I love.

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