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Beautiful weather for us beautiful people

Hello everyone. I am not sure where everyone is located, but it is absolutely gorgeous out today. If you have the time, I suggest to go out and take a walk and just be with nature. When on the walk just observe what you smell, feel, hear, and taste. It so nice out and this weather is so therapeutic. Best wishes to everyone! God bless all of you!

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You sound really positive :-)

It has not been so nice here today weather wise :-(

Lovely suggestion for those that can but by the time I have done all my jobs , cooked the dinner , done the ironing , put a wardrobe up or shall we say helped among other things as well as suffering with agoraphobia I think the best suggestion for me is to put my feet up !

Not sure what you taste on a walk , understand what you see ,.smell and maybe feel but I can't say when walking I have ever tasted anything , what do you taste when you are walking ? I am curious what people taste on walks now you have mentioned it

Take Care x


The fresh air

I guess taste what you smell in a way


Oh right I have never tasted the fresh air , felt and smelt it though :-/ x


What a lovely post so good to see some positivity. Does us all good to hear sometimes, have a fantastic day. Sun is out here in Sheffield too xxx Mandy 😎


I love this time of year. It was beautiful here too. It is therapeutic to go outside even if only in the backyard. I always think of what I told my children when they were little and that's for them to think of the falling leaves as to how much I love them. I remember my son coming home from school with some leaves in his little hands and giving it to me to show how much he loved me too. Precious memories.


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