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Shortness of Breath

I started noticing shortness of breath after I quit smoking a month ago cold turkey and felt good for a bit till I noticed everymorning when I woke up I had blood in my spit and didn't know we're the blood was coming from I thought it was from my stomach cuzz of the 6 year stomach problems I have but it wasn't. The other day I have found its coming from my gums ? And it's like the gums are coming off my teeth!? It scarred me and every morning wake up blood in my morning mouth spit and threw out the day somtimes but the shortness of breath I'm wondering is it from the bleeding gums ? Is it dangerous is it making blood clots in my lungs or something I keep asking myself ? I haven't went to doctor yet because I wanna wait it out and I live outta town waist of gas to wait at hospital for 6 hours to find out they jus give u nothing and say go home.. I really love this website btw takes a lot of anxiety off my shoulder feels like I have that (one) to talk to and that one is lots of ppl <3 #teeth #gums #bleedingteeth #shortnessofbreath #slowbreathing

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As always you should seek professional medical attention for any questions about your health, but I am a smoker and my gums also receded from my teeth. I do know that it will scare the crap out of you whenever you have never experienced anything like that. It did cause anxiety for me, and axiety will make you short of breath. Congratulations on quitting smoking!! But, once again please make you an appointment with your dentist or doctor.


Thank you :)! Means a lot to hear back made my night


Your the bomb :)! Thank you sorry late reply


Well done on the smoking it's hard to do when I stopped cold turkey I couldn't catch a breath got every cold and infection going. My gums bleed but my dentist does a clean every 6 months I use a prescribes mouthwash and it helps some times its a month before I see blood again. I will say visit ur dentist they can do an x ray and put ur mind at ease just by looking in your mouth. It's not a waste of time for reassurance. Also look up deep breatin exercises on you tube I did and they helped me get my breathing back on track. Hope u feel better soon

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Aww omg thank you :)! Sorry late reply your the best


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