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Feeling off balance on my feet

Well, had my annual physical yesterday and all came out really good.

Still dealing with anxiety issues. But i manage.

Lately I've been feeling off balance and wobbly when standing up and still. Like my coordination is off or something.

Basically feel like I'm swaying, I suppose.

This is a new one for me. Im probably over thinking something simple and causing myself issues. Wouldn't be the first time.

Wouldn't mind hearing if anyone has anything similar. Anxiety manifests in so many ways.

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Hi! Yes, I have experience of this nasty anxiety symptom too. I also feel like I'm walking on rubber when my anxiety gets really high. This beast sure does have a load of nasty tricks up it's sleeve - but just know for sure that it's our over sensitised systems that are producing these disturbing sensations, and nothing more.

Great news that you had a good result at your annual physical, though!

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Thank you for the reply, tempest! It's funny when I do to the Dr. He looks me over and tells me that everything is looking good. Now I just have to get out of my own way and believe it.


Yes definitely a symptom of mines since ive been going through this last year may. The off balance is what i like to call it. Or like im pn a boat. And i get this when im standing, sitting, or even laying down. Also times my legs feel heavy like weighted down like if i walk any further im gonna fall. And sometimes i feel like im being pulled down when i walk.


Odd thing is, I can run and exercise just fine. You think that would be enough to convince me that i'm ok. But, nah!


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