Off balance!!!

I hate all this, does anyone else get really bad lightheadedness and off balance when walking about?! It's bloody awful I literally cannot walk far without feeling like I'm about to fall over, I've got a circle of head pressure right in the middle of my forehead too. I feel so crap!!! :(

I had an MRI scan in January to rule out brain tumours etc... Surely since then I wouldn't of produced one would I? I can't believe I'm thinking like this but I feel really rubbish :( :(


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  • Exactly how I've been feeling the last week,it's awful! I also get really bad headaches and the dizziness gets worse if I exercise even a little bit! Does that happen to you at all? I feel like I'm stuck in the bed!

  • Any little movement makes my lightheadedness worse! I can't exercise at all :( surly this can't be anxiety?

  • I have the same thing! Had 3 CT scans a month ago and all clear. I don't believe it's anxiety either! I have to grab things bc I think I'm falling sometimes!

  • I've been doing the same thing this evening. Every little movement makes me feel really light headeded! The last time I felt like this is when I was on medication. Which I haven't been on since Christmas. I always feel like these things creep back up on me!! I also feel like my throat is closing up!

  • Did it just go away on its own last time? It's awful. I've been constantly like this for a week on top of my old symptoms 

  • Have they checked your vestibular function?

  • I don't know what that is?

  • It's your balance mechanism. The brain relies on 3 senses to keep you balanced. Ears, eyes and physical position. If there is a problem with any of these it would affect your balance. I had my ears checked at ENT using simple tests. Standing with feet together with eyes closed, was one. If you shut off 2 senses you can test the third, in this case, (1) feet together compromised my physical posture, (2) eyes shut - so no reference for the brain there, (3) leaving only ears to give brain information. If you sway badly whilst standing in this position, it indicates you have a problem with ears. I didn't really move, so doing 2 other balance exercises without problem, the conclusion was my ears were functioning. I think my balance problem is tension in neck, jaw and base of skull. I get tension in face and nose. I don't get headaches with pain, but what I think is vestibular migraines which don't produce pain but other migraine symptoms such as dizzieness, fatigue, weekness. There are thousands of people with dizzieness associated with anxiety. It is a well recognised symptom. I'm hoping to try and accept this symptom and try to manage my daily tasks as best I can. I know that constantly worrying about it will not help, but aggravate the problem.

  • Wow! I never even though of things like that? I get really bad back ache and it got to a point were I was struggling to walk for a few days. I was also in a fight about year ago and the girl pulled my hair about which caused me really bad neck ache but I've never thought to have it it checked? I've also out of all the tests I've had (MRI of my brain) neurologist, ECG of my heart, bloods, they have never checked my ears?

  • After a clear brain MRI & tilt table test, my ENT ordered a test called a VNG.  Mine showed vestibular weakness..  

    To strengthen, my PT has me do all the things veganese described plus neck excercises because she believes muscle tension can contribute.

    She emphasized that you need to do more of what makes you dizzy just like you work out a weak muscle.  She also said the reason you get so tired when you are off balance is because your body is working extra to compensate if one of the 3 balance functions aren't working properly.

  • Ho do I get refered to a ENT?!

    Can this kind of damage be cured? I googled damage of your back/nerves and it says you can get shortness of breath with it too! Which I suffer from really badly 

  • Fortunately, I had one because I'd been referred for a voice disorder.

    Usually your primary or an urgent care/ER can make the referral.

  • So off balance has nothing to do with anxiety? And the back and neck tremors/pulses I get aren't either

  • It could be, but I don't think you should just accept that without looking for a physical cause.  

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