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Starting new job, feeling nervous.

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Hi all! I hope everyone is having a good day! I've just been offered a new job and of course I accepted after being unemployed for 8 months. However, I am getting rather jittery about it and my anxiety has been playing havoc over the past few days since accepting it. It's only 3 hours every evening as a cleaner and it is literally 10 minutes up the road from where I live. I keep on worrying about how I might cope in it since my last job was a full time role. I keep telling myself that I will be okay but then the worrying thoughts creep up on me like 'what if I feel ill on the job' (especially dizziness which I suffer from quite often), and 'what if I don't perform up to standard'. The most frightening bit of it for me is getting there because I don't often venture out of my flat alone unless I absolutely have to and even then its only to go to the shop up the road every now and then. How do you all cope in a new job when your anxiety becomes an issue? I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you all!


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