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Another awesome meditation morning.

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Well it's my forth day back Meditating outside in the park. Sun came out again just when I started a bit windy but that was ok I was in the zone and loving it. I swear I will never stop meditation again. Brings me so much peace and calm.

My son had 2 years for driving whilst disqualified. He'll be out in a year. I will miss him but I know he needed to get away from the drink and drugs. He will train get healthy and hope he'll start growing up. He swears it's his last time , 28 years old now. No excuse really.

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Brilliant, Dodo! I'm sure your son will step up once he's home - it may be a wake up call for him so although you'll miss him, as you say it gets him away from a spiral with the drink and drugs.

Keep doing what you're doing for your well-being - its suiting you well!☺

Thanks on good much need high at the moment just hope it's stays but ready to weather the storm if it comes.

Thanks again.

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