Food taste like gas. (nervous)

Hi, all! Happy belated Thanksgiving lol ❤ hope you all had a wonderful time with family. I know I have! But I came on here today nervous (a bit) after cooking macaroni for the family and myself lol. After cooking it, I had to taste it to see if it's good but the taste was like gas? Ew.

Am I going to be ok or should I rush myself to the hospital?



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  • Hey, how you doing? Does the food you eating still taste like gas? Or has it passed and back to normal. If worried go to a doctors and get checked just to rest your mind. Take care.

  • I had to taste test it to see if it's good but that's when it tasted like gas but not the rest of the food. I had macaroni and cheese btw.

  • The real question is what kind if food arr you eating and what kind of stove if you cooked is it only home made food or is it every food such as packaged food

    Brush your teeth to clear out tastes and then try new foods each time

    If you smelled gas yhat wasnt therr id be more concerned tbh but again if you feel very nervous call an ambulance or goto ER

  • I had made macaroni and cheese on the stove I think it's a gas one? Not sure but I ask my mom. And it was Kraft's Velveeta so after I finish, I had to taste test to see if it's alright the first time it taste like gas maybe cause' when I had poured out the water the noodles were a bit soggy lol.

  • If its a gas stive it could be the stove overcooking the noodles

    I looked up on google food taste like gas and it mentioned gas stoves being a problem and not actually a health thing i suggest testing out purchased food from stores vs your home cooked meals and see if both taste like gas or if only the home food taste like it

  • Alright, got you! Thanks. :) And yeah I did leave them on for a minute and didn't turn them off on time lol. That kind of scared me cause' I never taste food with a gas scent soo. Next time I have to be careful!

  • Yeah becareful with burning your food haha

    I worry every time i smell gas because ai fear something wrong upstairs in my brain is happening but i try to remember not to freak out over health anymore big bad hanit of mine

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