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Chest pain

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I have hospital appointment coming up in the heart disease department. It's always been usual cardiology appointments. I already had my yearly appointment for this year. A few months ago I went there plus 2 other hospitals for very bad chest pains quite similar to angina when I looked up the symptoms. All hospitals told me its muscle pain. I mean fine, i had x rays and everything. But now I'm worried about this upcoming appointment in Oct. I stress alot so I think I may have triggered something. Another thing I am still worrying if I should see my GP for depression. My thoughts are: They won't really help me and just ask a million questions with no solution.

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Hey Pinky, really hope you feel better soon! I have general anxiety disorder, depression and heart problems so I totally know where you're coming from! My heart rate is high at the moment and it's triggered all my stress and anxiety all over again. Zero fun!! People and docs give me great reasons to remain calm, but sometimes I just find it super hard to relax about the thing I'm worried about so I totally hear you. As for the depression, have you tried things such as therapy, self help books or CBT? I tried to go without therapy for ages but once I was crying every evening and it was really and truely inturrepting my life I had to make a move. I'm also on 20mg of Prozac and beta blockers. Starting to really see a difference in the depression, just need to work on the anxiety now!!! Best of luck with everything!

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