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Hate anxiety 😩

After feeling almost normal for 4 weeks the best I've felt in a year the asshole (anxiety) is back and I'm so disheartened I thought this time it was over. And I can't seem to shake it, last night I kept getting woken up by my anxiety and today I've had it all day tight in my chest feeling like I can't breath right and the stupid foggy head/ light headed. I can't cope with my kids today I need to run errands and I know my lightheaded symptoms will get worse from the stress of running my errands with my kids ( they are a handful) anyway just ranting, I hope this episode doesn't last too long, they usually last for weeks on end for me if I'm lucky a few days.

I hope you are all feeling well 😊

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Its sad having normal life for a weeks and suddenly anxiety hits... Calm down and pray... Enemies of god try to ruin our mind so we lose our faith on him... Have faith have a good and blessed day.


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