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Think I need some peace of mind

Recently anxiety creeping back on me and seem to be worrying about such basic things.

Firstly today found out a decent blood test came back fine apart from liver test which came back as borderline and want me to go back in three months. They told me not to worry but I'm worrying.

Secondly I seem to get blue tinge to my lips ? They are really sore but I'm worried about blue ish lips because doesn't that mean I'm dying ?

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Don't worry about that borderline liver test, Andrew, I've had that in the past often caused because your body is fighting a bit of infection somewhere, the next time I went back it had returned to normal.

I've never heard of a bluish tinge to leps meaning you were dying, I presume you saw your doctor for the blood tests, he would have noticed it if you had some symptom of impending death but do go back and ask your gp about your lip colour as it will bring you reassurance and you need all the reassurance you can get right now.

Like most of us here you have a bit of health anxiety, what used to be called hypochondria, and I am sure if you follow this forum you will find many suggestions to help pacify your nervous system and overcome your anxiety.

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Hi I to had liver function higher than it should be had to go back for blood tests every three months for a year until it went back to normal.and I have to go once a year to have it checked at hospital for past 3 years and blood test all come back OK. I go every January to see the liver specialist and every year he says blood test are fine.

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Some time ago I had mononucleosis. After that my stomach felt off & I went to gastroererologist. He did liver tests and they were very abnormal. Then I had a sonogram of my liver. The problem turned out to be caused by the mono. I had to go every 2 weeks for liver tests and the numbers slowly started to come back to normal. A lot of things can cause a change in liver values and, while they should be watched, they are mostly not serious and will slowly go back to normal

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