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From anxiety to depression

So I spent all day super anxious about getting re signed off by the doctor. Waited in all day for the call, she signed me off for a further 6 full weeks, longer than I thought. This should help my anxiety as I don't have to spend each fortnight worrying about renewing it.

In stead I've just slumped into a deep depression about actually being that ill, not aided by being kept awake all night with the severest yet nerve pain running up and down my limbs.

So tired I keep forgetting if I've taken pain medication which is not helping as then I get too anxious about over dosing to actually take any.

Finding today very difficult indeed

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I understand these thoughts. When I was signed off I was the same. You must try to rest and help your body and mind. Your doctor signed you off as she knows you need it.

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So important for your anxiety to get a good night sleep but so difficult in your position. Wish I could help but I can't beat my insomnia at the moment.

As for the medication could you just put your usual dose in a container/lid/pill box container and then if it's empty at least you know you've taken it.

Sorry I can't be of anymore help.

Take care

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Thanks Jamie. It's just reassuring sometimes to know you're not alone.

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