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Sudden Anxiety

Hi guys,

I feel like I have lost my life. I am usually a very outgoing , happy, fun person but recently I have been everything but. An odd feeling came over me one day while visiting my boyfriend and it has lingered. Some days are good and I'm extremely hopeful and then some days I go into a downward spiral of negative thoughts. I feel like I'm dying sometimes . Like the doctors are missing something when they exam me.

Prior to this I've experienced what I have come to find out were mild panic veeeery seldom . Nothing alarming but now it seems to happen every other day . I've noticed that since the initial day everything changed I've gotten better . Or maybe I'm getting use it ? 😞

I've been to the ER, and 3 different doctors offices and at first they thought my iron was too low. But a month later I was told my iron was too high . Now I'm being told I have depression and anxiety ?? It confuses me because both of those are totally out of my norm. And when they ask me what could be stressing me out I can't think of anything other than feeling like I'll never be myself again .

I'm terrified and I just want to feel normal again . I have an MRI and Heart ultrasound coming up to rule out any physical illness. Whatever it is I just want it to stop . I'm drained .

Anyone have any advice please share . I would really appreciate it . Thanks guys 🙂

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KrissNique, Go back to what happened that day while visiting your boyfriend that made sudden anxiety take over. Look into the negative thoughts. What physical symptoms make you feel like you are dying. We all tend to think that our doctors are missing something but actually it's us missing the fact that we have an anxiety disorder.

The doctors don't find anything wrong because physically you are okay. It's the mind playing tricks on you and confusing you into thinking you must have some rare disease that even the doctors and their state of the art tests aren't picking up on.

Anxiety does drain us mentally and physically. Once you have been given the all clear signal from your physicians, it is time to ACCEPT the idea that it is coming from your mind. I have always believed that some event or suppressed thought brings anxiety to the surface.

Using therapy can help in resolving that issue. Unconsciously, something is bothering you enough to make you feel unwell physically. But, it can be turned around and you can be yourself once again. Take small steps forward, being on the forum is one good way to not feel so alone and get advice and help from others who truly understand because they are going through the same thing. Share your fears, your worries, your symptoms etc We are all here to comfort and support each other. I think you will get the help you need. x


You have no idea how much better you have made me feel . I have support from friends and family but it's not the same because they can't authentically relate .

I've tried to think about what gives me unsettling feelings and I think I might know but I didn't think it could affect me in such a way .

I want to continue to post with updates cause I am truly afraid that I am sicker than what the doctors say. I guess I have health anxiety more than anything else.

Thank you for being sooo uplifting and positive it really is helpful . I appreciate it !!


:) xx

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