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Haven't started taking my meds yet, but I'm getting waves of anxiety and then all of sudden an overwhelming feeling of happiness. It's

Freaking me out..again I feel like I'm going mad. Is this my anxiety playing tricks on me? Help please x

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Hello Loo

The waves of anxiety could be a little meds fear , thinking " O dear what will these do to me " & the waves of happiness could be the thought if I take these , they will make me better

So yes sounds like you anxiety is playing tricks on you

I would say , for today I will take a med , just for today & see how I feel tomorrow , one wont harm me , in fact this could be the road to feeling well :)





Thanks whywhy. I haven't even been to get them yet. I think I need to go get them and get some fresh air. Argh I just want it all to go away. Thanks xx


Thats a good idea Loo , take a walk , fresh air helps clear your mind , go & fetch them & like I said , just say for today I will take one

We all want this to go away , it will , give it time , if we had any other illness we would be patient & kind to ourselves with this we seem to do nothing but give ourselves a tough time , but we have to learn its an illness that will get better & not try & rush ourselves to much

Let us no how the walk & if you fetch the meds all goes



I will thanks. I'm sorry. I'm finding myself moaning a lot lately x


Moan away , if it helps :D xxx


Sure does thanks x


You have the same fear as me tried so many,but others get on fine I think like me you fight the medication and get all the symptoms you can get.But wish you well with them you probably won't get any reaction straight away I was bad after 10 days and was told they take 3 weeks to kick in,old not feel that way for that long so hence gave them up but that is me no patience. Hugs from me.


Thanks erstchay. Yes I am frightened to even start after the last experience. I just with I'd never stopped taking them years ago and this would never be happening. But then again it probably would. Gosh I just want to scream. I have no reason to be like this.

Sorry, I'm feeling rather sorry for myself and need to snap out of it.


You cannot help the way you feel I am sitting here the same want to scream but just keep taking deep breaths and watching the clock for bed time, should go to the butchers but cannot think of it ,so take heart you are not alone although we feel we arejustkeep chatting on here.xx


Thanks xx


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