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Hello everyone,

I've been told I have health anxiety, done a quiz with the councillor and it's borderline health anxiety. I didn't think I had this type of anxiety until I dat down with the councillor and went through things. Some of it I don't believe because I have had health issues at the min pain in my pelvic area which they found polyps in my gallbladder just by doing a routine ultrasound as the pain moved to the upper region too. So anyway I was just wanting to know how do any of you feel Every day living with health anxiety? Symptoms and feelings. Also has anyone overcome this? Or does anything help?

Me: I feel anxious as soon as I wake to going to bed. I feel jittery anxious nervous like moving all the time I have to be doing something. I go quiet because my mind never stops and I can't even be bothered to speak sometimes and if I do speak I feel like the words won't come out properly or it makes me more anxious. I have aches and pains everyday mainly in my shoulders and neck but I believe this is from being so tense all day and not being able to relax. Sometimes I feel ok but feel like I will freak out and go crazy pass out or faint, it's never happened yet. I get headaches. Feel dizzy light headed all day. Doctor Said I had vertigo then I havnt. To me feeling anxious is being on edge with a lot of symptoms then thinking about these symptoms and obsessing about them turns into panic attacks only sometimes I've had a few panic attacks lately while driving my car, this is a new one for me anxiety while driving.

How does everyone else feel?



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  • I totally understand how you feel JJB83. I have a very rare blood disorder and just recently I've been feeling unwell regularly and now I am constantly thinking about my health. 'Is this my condition? Or am I just unwell? Is it my anxiety? Am.i having a heart attack? It's a draining way to live. All I can say is if you have a good doctor and they rule out major health worries then we have to remind ourselves that anxiety is a vicious beast. It's symptoms are scary! If we know we have had the 'all clear', at least can have that as ammunition to help calm ourselves. I also find that fighting the anxiety, like trying to stop it tends to make it worse and last longer for me. When I realise I'm getting anxious, if I recognise the feeling, tell my self that it is ok to feel that way, think about what might have triggered it and focus on breathing it helps. Hope this can help you and to know you are not alone.

  • Hey Jo,I understand how you feel and have most of the symptoms that you listed down.Aches and pains,light-headed and feeling like I might faint.I have tension in my neck,back and arms too and when that happens,my mind starts going into overdrive.It's come to a point where I feel a tightness in my chest...

    I don't speak much either.I feel like it might make me feel out of breath and then that sparks my panic.

    I can't sleep well either.I feel like the worst moment is when i'm about to head to bed.It's been weeks since I had proper sleep...I think the best tip I can give is to not google any of your symptoms.That makes it worse..I'm still learning how to deal with it at the moment.But distraction helps.I try to go about doing the things that I usually helps a little.

  • Also,if you need anyone to talk to,feel free to message me.I sometimes find that online interaction is easier than ones that are face to face :)

  • Thank you both for your replies it's crazy how we can feel like this I don't take meds and try to do it all myself. I think it's normal to worry about something else that could be wrong with you if you don't get the right diagnosis like my docs blame everything on my anxiety. I am in aches and pains because I clean 24/7 Well it feels like it I could wash the floors then 2 mins later I need to do them again I bleach my house few times a day I've had ocd before it's a coping strategy as I'm doing it to keep busy, I do it at work to and my councillor has said that I should slow down and feel the anxiety everyday and go about my day as I would. I don't have a full nights sleep it's broken quite a lot I wake up maybe 5/10 times a night mostly now with nightmares. So when I get up I don't feel rested. I'm having to resit a full year at college due to anxiety and I just cannot concentrate enough. Everyone who suffers this must feel exactly like we all do. But as I walk around and see ppl being happy and been able to do stuff they like with no consequences. I feel like I'm the only one. But I hope we all get free from what we suffer from. Thank you keptainicandozatt same here if you need anyone to talk to



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