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Anxiety and loss of appetite - help!!

Hi all, I have completely lost my appetite and gag when I force myself to eat a piece of toast. I have lots going on in my life ATM but I still don't know if this loss of appetite is due to something more... doctor seems to think it's stress/ anxiety/ depression. It all started from when she misdiagnosed me with herpes.. she told me I had it then results were negative and a gyno and dermatologist said it wasn't it. I can't stop thinking there is something else wrong with me!! I now have a health anxiety.

Can anxiety make you so sick that you can't eat and you throw up when you do? I have never had this before. Please tell me your stories.

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It is possible because when your anxious you're stressing you body. Try having tea or broth and stay hydrated. I loss my appetite after a stressful event and get anxious. And when that happens I forget to eat or just don't eat and have some candy or fruits. Not eating makes things worse, so try little by little. Your doctor could probably help you if you don't feel better

I wish you the best


Hi nmp1, thanks for your reply. The doctor wants me to start medication but I am unsure. I just am sick of feeling nauseous everyday. I will try eat little by little.


I know how you feel, I've been there before. If you ever want to talk just private message me ☺️


Yes it certainly can make you feel so ill you just simply can not eat, i have suffered on more than on occasion this happening to me, 2 events only last just over a week and i did not lose too much weight, last time however it happened i dropped over 2 stone weighing in at just a 1lb over 7 stone, i was so ill , worried about anything and everything , it took a in patient admission at my local Mental Hospital, to get me on medication, to help me calm down and for my mind to stop racing about what if this , what if that... i was unceremoniously kicked out of Hospital before i was able to get onto all the medications they wanted me too take, i also had a very severe Reduction in my Benzodiazapines . I found although i could not eat , i was able to drink and got some Ensures prescribed to me , also i used a blender to make my own smoothies, adding peanut butter with banana and whole milk to help gain weight. It did work eventually , and my mind settled after being on medication prescribed which was effexor (venalafaxine) 225mg daily , and reduced amount of Diazapam to 15mg daily from a larger dose of Clonazepam , I was then able to eat soft light foods like scrambled eggs on Toast , Beans or Macaroni cheese , i found it helped building up to solid foods slowly. I still worry but i use distraction, gaining weight certainly has helped , it is so true what they sat that you do need not just to feed your body but more importantly to feed your mind . Good Luck xx


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