Any tips on obsessive thinking?

So my anxietys back again mainly my health anxiety, you know every little symptom of anxiety is something else! A lot of the time like 'okay that's anxiety etc' but then my anxiety thinking takes over and it's some illness and I can't stop thinking how it definitely is the illness and how horrible my life would be if it was etc so if anyone had any really good tips that'd be amazing!


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  • Go one day without looking anything up. One day. And after, tell yoursef what a good job you did. I did that and then it turned into two days. Three days. A week. And I lost interest in research. I no longer felt the need to look anything up. If I felt weird, I woud tell myself it is dp and I have already researched it before and kbow it is not dangerous. If I had a heart flutter, well, I know I am young and healthy and would know if there were a serious problem. I am fine.

    I was doing so well! Then I got worried aboit something and relapsed. But I used the same technique and have not looked anything up about it in 3 days. If I have a concern, I will look to see if anxiety can cause something and if it can, I am satisfied and stop looking.

  • Yeah I have had days like that

  • Keep doing it. Until you no longer WANT to do it.

  • I shall definitely give it a good try! Hopefully it'll help my anxiety. Do you think a lot of it stems from what we read on Google etc? I think a lot of my symptoms wouldn't be there if I hadn't have read about them!

  • It stems from the problem we believe we have and we use Google as evidence of it. We keep trying to research because we believe that if something were wrong, we could catch it in time to protect ourselves.

    But we never have the problems we believe we do. Anxiety is not hereditary, it is taught. It is not a disease, it is a mindset that we continue to lug around. But we can change it. It will not be easy, but the harder it is, the more worthwile it will be.

  • Sounds like my anxiety problems. I have finally decided that I have a triggering thought and then the anxiety takes on a life of it's own. It will last for most of the day if I don't take Xanax. One trick I have found that helps is to go to youtube and find clips of my favorite comedy routines. Laughing seems to be a powerful antidote and takes your mind off your panicky thoughts.

  • Anxiety is a mental state of heightened awareness, it is a bit like constant fear, I found that by understanding anxiety, as a nuisance which interferes with my happiness helped.....Someone who helped me was Eckhart ( power of now and a new earth).........

    Wishing you well........

  • My doctor used to say to me can google see you can google examine you......No

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