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i have panic disorder im lost im to the point where idk what to do!

hi im a 30 year old male from Iowa i suffer greatly from panic disorder i dont no if it gets worse with age but God help me heres my story. I first noticed my panic attacts about the age of 20 and i didnt no what was wrong with me between then and now its just worse it runs in my family and i finally went to the doctor he told me i had panic disorder and perscribed me venlaflaxine and xanex well as we all no xanex is so addicting that at the end of my "run" i ended up PERSCRIBED 8mgs of xanex a day and it all went down hill from there i was withdrawling and eventually went to prison for elduing the police thats were i was stripped of my xanex and god i was only gone 8 months i needed it to get off the xanex but never felt relief since it has been almost a year and i still live in missery everyday i no take zololft depokte and now 20 mgs of propanadel 3x a day and i think its a scary pill and its starting not to work i have fainted twice and that fear of sonething bad is bought to happen or some is wacthing me is worse i see my doc on 4 days and i am considering begging for help i cant take this anymore i lost my job and am about to receive SSID at the age of 30 do to this i no benzos are bad and addicting but tge ONLY tine i feel normal please help

yours truly

someone lost .

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bhorton563, This is the thing with Xanax. 8mgs of Xanax a day is unforgivable that a doctor would keep prescribing such a high dose. Coming off any benzo takes slow withdrawing. Even with that, once you are completely off Xanax it can take months/years for your brain to heal and start producing the chemicals on it's own. Propranolol can help with anxiety but needs to have the dose monitored because it tends to lower the blood pressure. It sounds like that is what is happening to you, if you are getting to the point of fainting.

There are certainly other drugs on the market they may help you because I doubt that the doctor will put you back on Xanax. He may recommend that you look into other options as well as just being on medication. That is never the answer just provides a bridge until you can get control of your life back. I'm glad you found this forum. You will find many people like yourself who have struggled with the same issues.

I had been on Xanax for many years and came off it safely and slowly and yet it took another 2 years for my brain to heal and feel alive again.

Keep coming to the forum, you will find the support and understanding you need right now. Take care and stay safe.


thank you agora1 for the support im looking fowared to writing daily on this blog and i see my doc on the 7th at 2:00 central time thanks again


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