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Anxiety and Depressions

Hello i'm fairly new here i suffer from anxiety over several years now and can't find a way of getting the right help. People like us feel left out only people who are funktion properly will make their way, i feel like forgotten and dont have anybody to talk to i feel worse every day and cant face it anymore every day serms to become more of a struggle to me.Is there anybody out there who can relate to that?

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Hi welcome im quite new too, but thought id let you know your not alone, ive managed to lose all my friends due to my anxiety, i just have my parents left and really appreciate tht they have stuck by me. But i still sometimes feel forgotten by them because it took them 5 years to realise what a mess i had got into and feel they should have known, but then i kept it from them so logically of course they wouldnt have, so best advice i can give is make sure u open up jist enough that people know where they stand and that u are having problems.


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