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Hiya folks just wanting to say hello and that I have anxiety,which is horrid :( I'm now on Sertraline 50mg, I just started the tablet 2days ago and by jings the side effects are horrible. I'm going to try my very best in take them as my anxiety has been going out the roof. I'm diagnosed emetiphobic and that doesn't help my anxiety, also having 2boys (4+14) and full time carer to my mum doesn't help either.

Is anyone else just new in starting tablets xx

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Hi I'm on day 4 of these tablets. Was given them after 2 weeks of being on citralipan and having really bad side effects. The panic attacks and shakes have stopen and even given me a couple of good days. I no you have to give them time to get into your system I no they make you worse before you start to feel better. Reading on this site has helped me as well.


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