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late period

just need some advice

so i was on the pill for like 1 year i came of the pill 4 moths ago my periods wernt always on time when i was on it so the doctors advise me to come of it so i did me and my partner then decided to try for a baby sine i came of the pill my periods have always been on time. but this month i haven't come on im now 26 days late and i constantly feel sick but not always being sick i am always tired and i have no energy what so ever either. I get pains in my lower right side as well but they dont last long at all. I done a test and it came back negative i just dont know what is wrong

can anyone help please

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I think maybe you should just go to your obgyn, they can give you a pregnancy blood test because sometimes at home tests give false negative and its best to know for sure. And if it's not that, it could be a late reaction to coming off of the pill. But only the Dr can let you know for sure what's going on. Hope you start feeling better love 💕And best wishes with TTC 💕❤️🙏🏽


Best to go to the doctor to see what is happening with you,and not just about having a baby, take care of yourself. Birth control can have side effects.


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