Hit my head!

Hi! I'm new to the community & I need some help. By the way I do have pretty moderate to severe generalized anxiety disorder. Last Friday I hit my head on my car door frame (not too hard) & I'm wondering if I should get checked out. Of course I googled everything under the sun & some articles said damage might not occur for several days to weeks. I have a pretty mild headache & that's about it. My nerves are getting the best of me. Everyone around me is saying I'm fine.


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  • Can you see your doctor? It's probably ok but if it's worrying you.

  • I can, yes. I always feel like I'm exaggerating things. I'm just really afraid.

  • You are just like me haha i fell off my bxm bike last week or so and was sliding down the road and i tapped my head in the back and didnt feel dizzy or get a head ache and i was freaking out but i was trying to stay calm during my biking session the best thig I cN say is DO NOT GOOGLE symptoms or anything because it will create more anxiety for you if you are truly worried or if you truly need to be reassured by a doctor then go see one even that might not help i know it doesnt help for me either the slightest head ache i think i have a bran aneurysm 2 people i know passed away from it 1 was 13 and the ther was 45

  • I had headaches last week & was freaking out!!!! I think the same thing. Anxiety is wild!

  • Yeah i could have the slightest pain and ill think its something big i had this weird senseation in my head awhile back it felt like a POP in my left side next to my temple and i have hit my head so many times.. my anxiety didnt stop for HOURS i was getting hot i thought i was literally dying i really couldnt calmn down i never ended up getting checked out and.. im still here.. so if it was to be something severe either it hasnt striked yet or it wont strike so idk 😐 but for the longest time i didnt want to go to far out of my town incase i was gonna die randomly but now its ben like a year or so since it happened and im okay.. i still get very odd random sensations but nothing like that pop again..

  • It seems like we all get these sensations! I'm starting to think they're mostly anxiety related. If everything that happened to our bodies was that bad, we'd all be screwed. Not to sound negative 😑

  • I always wonder if new york is he reason i have major anxiety ( every one is always in a rush constantly angry like new york is very overwhelming but my agoraphobia is preventing me from leaving /: its also precenting me from living too

  • New York is too much! Everybody is in a rush. I was panicked when I visited. I live in NC & it's way slower. I used to def be afraid to be around ppl & crowds. I still am but not as severe anymore. I had to almost force myself to get out.

  • Yeah thats me but i cant do it further distances

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