Everyday I wonder if it's my last day on earth my dad died when I was 10 and I smoke cigarettes and I always feel I'm getting a heart attack daily I take frisium and it helps with the chest pains I try deep breathing but I can't shake the feeling that I'll die and leave my children to live without their mom like my dad did so fed up of every little pain making me feel as if I'm gonna die I did an ECG it was normal but I want to do more tests to make sure jus waiting for finances its so hard and frightening!


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  • hi,am no doctor but this sounds like anxiety thats causing this,i had a heart attack over 3yrs ago and then began to suffer panic attacks,i know how you feel when you get little pains and the fear they cause.try to relax daily and tell yourself that the pains are not a heart issue,keep your mind active and try not to dwell on things like dying,speak to a doctor,friends etc.

  • Hi,

    I know how you feel :(

    Sorry about your dads passing when you were young.

    Here's the thing breathing exercises and anxiety pills won't help the chest pains, it's because it's sore muscles. If you are perfectly healthy aside from the chest pains which I'm assuming are anxiety related, try taking an epson salt bath try submerging your whole body up to your neck. Do 15 minutes then take a hot shower while massaging your chest and neck.

    It helps with the chest pain, I do it everytime I get like you, and it calms my mind knowing its muscle and not heart related.

    I recently had an echocardio, ct of the heart and lungs, monitor, and EKG. All normal!! So I have to accept that everything is fine. I woke up with twitching in the center of my chest right now it felt like it was my heart but I'm trying to let go and it's (anxiety) is passing.

    Also try to quit smoking I know it's hard :( but do it for your kids for you I know right now you are ok but what about down the line??

    Hope you start feeling better.


  • Hi just tired,

    I'm sorry that you lost your dad when you were 10. You're not dying, it's anxiety, however,I will suggest that you get a complete physical and test up. I've been fearing death and wondering if every day is my last day for the last 20 years and I have taken EVERY test known to mankind. May I suggest you try an alternative to your smoking like the patch or gum to help you quit then look for a free or very inexpensive therapist for your fear/anxiety. Best wishes to you!

  • I'm not going to recommend anything except I get the same thing, yet my heart is perfect. But I do get nasty pains I the left side then they go away and come back a week or two later... Weird as I have been to the and had ECGs and u name it... Perfect. As we age we do get pains here and there, muscle spasms and part of Anxiety is worrying whether we are going to die with a pain that is insignificant. My latest little trick when worrying, when having a panic attack is the paper bag trick and I have to say it helps... It works and seems to settle me down a little. Deep slow inhaling exhaling into paper bag... Try it. Xxxx

  • Sorry about how you've been feeling and about your dad. I have been there and anxiety is horrible. It is a good idea that you've had it checked out. I have fibromyalgia as well as anxiety - the two are often linked. I hate to sound judgemental and I'm sure you smoke to help your anxiety but it will make it worse and won't be good for your heart or chest at all. I found when I used to smoke or drink coffee it gave me the jitters. I have taken frisium years ago (I didn't know they still do it) but now I take a different tranquilliser but only occasionally. I'm not sure how regularly you take it but if you take tranx daily they will cease to be effective because you will build up a tolerance.

    I wish you all the best and hope that you will find some inner calm :)

  • Hi justired - you ARE going to die. Not today or tomorrow but way, way in the future, like 60 years or so if you stop the smoking! I have GAD too and trust me I can relate to how you feel because 46 years ago I just prayed I'd live until my boy was 15 - do the math, he's now 46 and I'm still going strong and have no fear of death at all. I have refused Citalopram and all the other "for life" drugs - I just take 2mg of diazepam when the black dog gets on my back and gives me the "what-ifs" (panic attacks). As Foggy says daily tranx have to be upped and upped until you're more or less a zombie. My friend was convinced she'd die in her forties because her mother did - nothing would shake her but she reached her eighties! Inside us all there is a huge reservoir of strength, I just hope you can tap into it and learn to live with that old black dog called Stress because ultimately we need him for survival. Please stop the smokes - they nearly did for me until I discovered e-cigs which changed my life five years ago. Good luck and know that you are not alone

  • Hello Just tired

    i feel that way most days, although I am still here. The ECG should put your mind at rest as when we suffer anxiety we begin to have feelings like these

    What further tests would you suggest to then to do ??


  • It's a terrible hell

    your living in . I know I am right there with you.

  • Me too my mum died of cancer in my arm's so if I get any pain I automatically think I've got what my mum had its not nice at all

  • Definitely, DEFINITELY stop smokin.

  • You poor love, it is so frightening, however, its your Anxiety, that's causing you all that distress, and the pains are real I no!!!!!!! My brother was killed, when he was 29, as a passenger in a car accident. My grief was so raw, I was living in a nightmare. In time my head became so tender, that, I could not lay on a pillow. My headaches were enormous,, saw GP, nothing helped. In time I developed panic attacks, now all these years later, I have agoraphobia, and I am scared to go out alone. Which am trying to deal with now. This site is a marvellous tool, as you can off load your worries, and suggestions, and offers of support are made. Talking about your fears is a start, and knowing that you are not alone, is a comfort. I wish you good luck, and people do care, that is why we reply.xx

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