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I wrote a post around 3 months ago about a bad LSD trip.and depression an anxiety and I'm still suffering heavy from anxiety and depression, It's gotten alot better than what it use to be but, I'll feel okay for a few days but then I'll slowly start feeling worse and worse and sooner or later I'll just have a day whrre I just wanna cry, I wanna sleep all day and it sucks. I know I'm 16 and I'm supposed to go thru emotional changes but iv had anxiety and depression since I was 12 and iv been through drug abuse, alcoholism and just alot which I know didn't help but I just need to know some.ideas on what I should do

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Ok, you have experienced the use of various street drugs, and now LSD. You are asking for advice. Get to your doctor and tell him/her what you have just told us.

I'm not a doctor, but cannot tell if you have used drugs for recreational or escape or just plain experimentation. I cannot offer any advice except for you to turn to a professional who may be able to untangle what is happening with you. You are too important, too valuable to just rely on my suggestion except to seek a professional who may know how to help. Please do that for me and you, ok?

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