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Very annoying and makes me worry alot

Me layingdown most of the time my heart just beating that i feel in my throat none stop beating and it speeds up for no reason im just laying down resting dont know why i feel my pulse on my neck and heart going fast espically when i touch my neck to feel my pulse its beating hard and pretty fast but its annoying to me and my body i cant be relax and my body aswell . Like lastnight i went out for dinner with my family and my pulse on my neck was beating so fast and heart for no reason im not scared or in fear but when it does happen it makes me scared and fear if that makes sense but i dont know and also i been getting this dizzy feeling any where i go or i have a beer or even when im regular just eating food and drinking juice i get this feeling like im going to pass out and fall i get dizzy out no where and its like i force myself to stay up or stay still so i wont fall or nothing happen and it goes away its likea game plus i get these jumpy feeling in my heart with Muscle twiches spasms all over my body it moves different places like chest where my heart is , legs back, arms, and also feeling like i cant breath like i have to take these deep breath because if not i start over reacting its like im dying slowly dont want me to breath or anything something its having all this to have my body do things on there own and uncontrolbly could be my really my nerves doing this ? making my heart accerlrates by fast and do this can it be it for sure i seen docters they say i been fine but i dont its like something its controling my body to do allt his on there own and also these pressures on my chest its comes and goes its like one moment i feel alright and then feel like im dying because all these sympthoms hits me at once the only one that worry me the most is the way my heart and pulse on my neck is beating really hard and fast sometimes its crazy dont know by 7 this way i need to actually be back to normal because i dont want my nerves or what ever it is to kill me .

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Johnnie1234, I actually got short of breathe reading your post :)

Your sentences were like you couldn't get thoughts down fast enough and you were holding your breathe the whole time. I can only imagine how fast your mind was going. You sound like you are in high gear right now and need some time to settle down. When we become so hyper, the adrenaline goes wild jumping from one symptom to another. It gets to the point where you don't know where to focus your attention and it takes over your whole body.

This is when most people would reach for an anti-anxiety pill. I know you are afraid of medication so that probably just feeds into how you are going to rid yourself of these events. Johnnie you really need some discipline therapy in order to start turning things around. I highly feel this no longer has anything to do with smoking weed. This has developed into a full blown Anxiety Disorder.

Short of the weed incident, you don't seem to have a stressful life short of having physical anxiety ramifications from on going fear. Remember how I've said before that fear begets fear. Unless you can stop that continuing circle of fear, the symptoms will go on.

My suggestion is for you and another person have a sit down serious talk with your doctor. Apparently telling you it's anxiety is not doing it for you. Giving you medication that you won't take isn't doing it for you. Let the doctor know that you cannot go on living your life like this. What does he recommend short of medication. I know you can be cured of your fear, it's just finding what will work for you that you can believe in. My best, Agora1


thanks agora1 always bring me into a calm mode when you talk to me and also yeah you right its crazy another thing is that my pulse and neck get tite it like im forcing my self to relax its like taking my whole body its stressful i feel like ama get a sort of problem and die from it ugh im a bit down because when you actaully dont fully know whats going on makes you think all types of things because its physically happening to me .

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