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Cant sleep this is annoying already and making me think the worst

i dont understand why my heart keeps racing fast or when im layingdown i could feel my heart beating wierd hard its like from getting up or doing things my heart just racing for any little thing but really fast then slows down feel pressure something and muscle spasms right in my chest where my heart is my heart is just beating wierd . its like also think my nerves are messed up

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Nope. Just Anxiety.


i have the same and i hate it.. can feel the heart in whole body, in my throat, in ears.. like it wants to jump out from the chest.. it is anxiety and i still have a hypo thyroid, so it causes me this big palpitations.. scary thing

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yeah very scary thing i already check my thyriod about 5 months ago or 6 it was fine but i wanna check again because i feel like something is giving me these ireggukar fast heart beats and sympthoms dont understand why they say im fine doesnt feel like it


did you gain weight or did you lost weight fast in last time ? if not, then you sure have your thyroid good.. it was my first sign.. i got lot of weight up in just 4 months .. then they found why.. that it was the thyroid..

if you had your heart checked, and blood tests.. then it is all by the anxiety.

i was tens times in emergency, GP.. have done a lot of ecg, CT, blood tests, xrays... all came always out as good..

sometime my heart from nothing goes up to 120 beats per minute.. it is not from thyroid, because my thyroid problem makes the heart works slowly and beat very strong... so the racing heart is always because of anxiety , even i dont feel anxious in the moment.. i stat to be anxious when it starts, and then of course it go much worse..

so if you still did not do it. ask your GP for all the tests, maybe for the 24 hours holter too.. if all come back as good.. then you just must accept is all because of the anxiety

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i have did all test last test im going to be doing is the stress echo but the problem is i dont feel nervous or anything its just happens because it wants to im not scared but when its happening it gets me a little bit worried because i think something is going to happen


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