Scared and traumatized

So about half an hour ago I very much was going to get hit my a car on my bike but I managed to bike faster and get passed her the lady didn't even see me at the light and she kept driving the whole time even after she saw me, after I got to the other side of the street I dropped my bike and fell to the ground crying in fear and panic, I am ok I didn't get hit but now I'm scared and the "what ifs" are running through my head and I can't stop crying because I'm scared and don't want to go hiking again, my whole body hurts from the stress of it, idk what to do I don't want to leave my room and the situation keeps running through my head and I want to fall asleep so I forget about it

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  • Hi T123, Have you been able to settle down some? I'm glad you are safe`.

  • It's the next day and I still don't feel like myself today

  • Wow people need to be careful when driving. First off, I am sorry to hear that you expirenced this and are in shock from it. It's almost like your life flashed before your eyes, maybe? Try deep breathing, and try to settle down, you are ok, you are safe! I think you should treat yourself like get a massage, shop for something you want, or something that will cheer you up. You are not alone at all. Here if you ever need to talk or get something off your chest.

  • Thanks you for your response I'm doing better

  • Hello,

    I'm glad that you are safe and ok, when something tramatic happens, such as almost getting hit by a car, our body goes into the fight or flight mode and sometimes intense FEAR will linger for a couple of days...your mind will keep replaying the event until your anxiety and stress levels come down..try to relax, remember our mind controls our Fears, try putting it behind you and start fresh!!! I'm so happy that you are ok! It may not have been as bad as you think...we suffer from anxiety so some things really bother us to the core vs someone who are not going through mental health issues!!! People need to learn to drive or don't drive at all...I hope you feel better soon!!!

  • Thank you for your response I'm doing better!!

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