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Naddy or anyone

What makes you think aneurysm? What specific symptoms do you have in your brain? I get symptoms but don't think brain tumor people tell me or put that in my head but I did think that when I was a teen but I'm fortyfive now and just recently out of no where am worse than ever in my life and that wouldn't be because I sometimes let it get ahead of me but if I focus and my doctors do what I need and help me with what works for me I can be OK but that's not what is. I'm hoping someone out there can tell me symptoms that may sound familiar I guess to know. I don't know, sorry to confuse its hard to do things when all there is is pain symptoms and worse others opinions that are not what is. Please someone who knows what it's like let me know of your brain symptoms that make you think aneurysm because that's where I am right now and I know the symptoms are real and are there and it can't be safe or healthy to have them. Thanks for any help

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If I were you I would get a MRI with contrast to rule it out...


Symptoms are rare and most people don't know until it ruptures,


A classic one that those with health anxiety may worry about


Thank you for your help. I have most of those symptoms but then anxiety can have such similar symptoms its very maddening. I appreciate you responding. Thank you.


so the question then comes as to whether you are prepared to pay for a scan to investigate it, which will be further feeding your health anxiety


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