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Hey everyone... so my last post I spoke up issues I feel I have been having with my brain. I had an Appointment with my neurologist she named some things it could be even some scary things which really freaked me out. Now that I’m so focused on possible diagnoses I feel I’m having even more symptoms I’m so scared I googled and now I’m in a downward spiral. I feel I have more symptoms and my Brian now isn’t functioning as it should.

My question is have you all ever googled a health issue and suddenly it seems you have all the symptoms present? Or you focus on it even more

Sorry I’m rambling ... just worried

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What you describe is very common so I suggest you stop reading about diagnosis and symptoms. You don't know for sure yet what is going on. Health professional are just regular people and make mistakes all the time. Try to do things to calm yourself down: exercise, talk to a friend, watch a comedy (movie, TV, U-Tube), have a warm cup of tea, try mindfulness, go for a walk in nature, etc., etc. Good luck!

Thank you. I’m trying not to think negative, but when she read off so many possibilities then I went down. Thank you I will try all of those things! Right now! I’m getting dizzy with worry

NEVER let google be your doctor! i've self-diagnosed things and convinced myself i was dying many times and brought it up to my doctor and she laughed and said "have you been googling again"!!

trust your doctors, not a web search xx

Thank you! Your right I’m so obsessed

believe me i am too.. i always worry about my heart and constantly pester my doctor about it. it's such a bad habit that's so hard to break x

Oh yes! I went a year with worrying about my heart, so many ER trips. I just keep messing up my speech it’s scary to my core.

Hello :-)

Often , that is a weakness of mine and one that does not help , one I know I should not do yet there I find myself doing it over and over again and then say wondering why because anxiety has taken over

The thing is with Doctors when you go the real of allsorts what are possibilities , they don't know we have anxiety they think we are just shall we say normal so they say from the simplest thing to the worse thing but having anxiety we will skip the simple things and jump straight to the worse one which in most cases it never turns out to be and we make ourselves feel worse

If they had thought it was really that bad they would not have even let you home they would have been running tests there and then

Wait to see what the tests which I presume they are going to do come up with and I know it is not easy but keep of Google try and stay positive and soon you will have an answer and peace of mind x

Thank you! It’s a never ending cycle sometimes.

I just am worried. She told me she wants to see me in three months to follow up, and doing testing so it’s the time waiting that has me even more scared. I don’t want to spend the next three months obsessing and worrying myself sick.

HiI do really understand but try seeing is in a positive which I know is hard when we are anxious but this is so true if she thought it was something really serious she would not leave you waiting 3 months so that alone says yes they want to check but no they are not overly concerned :-) x

Thank you so much! Your right just went for a walk with my babies to clear my mind some.


I am glad you got out for a walk it does help clear your mind

I also think this pandemic is really not helping and when we feel something else could be wrong it adds more pressure but again I am sure they are not overly concerned and no doubt these will be routine tests or they would have had you at the top of the list and you would have been going back a lot quicker than 3 months

We are always here if you need to talk :-) x

Thank you so much for your reply and kind words!

You seem like a nice human, and looking over your last few posts, it looks like you have had anxiety about a few things. May I suggest trying CBD. You want to try a “broad spectrum” CBD which does not have THC in it. I also think you should stop playing doctor google : ) and this is advice I myself should follow as well. Your body & mind are powerful tools. I want you to tell yourself that you are going to be fine, and that it will all work out. CBD will help with anxiety, sleep, and inflammation. Best of everything to you. It’s going to be ok : )

Thank you so so much! I will look into the CBD! I’m not currently on any medications now so I should look into something! Thank you again! I was just saying the other say how the mind is very powerful

Indeed I have! I am now self-diagnosing myself as having Panic Disorder... we'll see. Four or five years ago, I was misdiagnosed by one (of ) my two neurologists as having Mild Cognitive Disorder. I spent two years staring and my computer screen, wanting to die and waiting for Mr. Alzheimer's to knock on my (home) office door. So, then I demanded a re-test and they sent me a letter saying, "sorry, we goofed'! I now have a different psychiatrist and will have a telemed appointment next week but will first send an email telling her about my self-diagnosis. I have not given up yet although I have had a couple of "almost hopeless" years. Good luck.

Really?? What symptoms were you having??

Constantly feeling overwhelmed. Everything is an emergency. Jumping from one thing to another. Leaving the important stuff till last. My Inbox took control of my life. ++

Wow! Is that was made them diagnose you with MCD?

Nor sure. I was surprised because I usually "ace" those tests! I graduated from USMMA & U. of Miami School of Law. I should have pushed sooner. But having serve as a USNR Officer for 26 years, I think I have developed a mentality saying "Yes, Sir!" to authority figures. I am now cure of that but sill fighting anxiety and panic attacks (my new self-diagnosis. Almost gave up all hope after I lost someone extremely special. Hang in there!

I’m sorry you lost someone! Thank you so much!

What are you experiencing? I’m also seeing a Nuerologist.

Jumbling of my words, can’t find my words, memory changes, my mind feel blank at times while talking. I feel spacey

I understand u

Thank you. Just scared

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